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  • Ronald J. Desrocher - Access Update

    Had to update from 2007 to 2010 for special applications on Dropbox; upgrade was smooth with no discernible problems.Just a shame that it had to be done!

  • 50th State Educator - Just what I wanted!

    I was looking for a crock pot with two features - controlled by an electronic touch pad instead of a knob (those knobs fall off!) and a locking feature, for easy transport. This was the only one I found with both those features!

  • Nathaniel Alen OBrien - Great idea for the project

    Great idea for the project. I used it couple times but had hard time connecting to the device. I ordered a new one (believe in the product and company) still waiting on it. because my dog ended up breaking it by shaking after coming inside (prior to accessories coming out).

  • C. Roy - Great buy!

    It works really well! It also has a few attachments with it. It cleaned the bottom of our pool really well.

  • Bill - Wifi cam doesn't last long, will start failing after short time. Also may be spying, phones home!

    Cam works okay only with the BVCAM app. Possible spyware in this cam firmware. So beware! The Wi-Fi cam connects fine and works well but only the BVCAM app can be used to connect to it to view the video. The app itself lists multiple functionality which this ipcam does not support but the functions that it does support are a bit flaky. Whenever you stop and restart the app, you have to go into the settings to reset the time clock so that it displays correct time stamp. The video is SD and acceptable to monitor your area(s). But the main reason I give it 2 stars is because this cam is not recognized by standard ipcam software detectors such as the ipcamera.exe windows software they provide on the little CD with the cam.

  • Nita L. - Bald spot coming to a end

    I love this product, the cream is so thick I use it three time. A week on my problems spot and it's keep my hair moisturize for days. Would I recommend this product yes

  • Engineer's Opinion - Excellent!

    Long time gamer, first time electric guitar player (played acoustic for years). The software/game is great, and comprehensive. It's more of a learning tool than a game, but makes learning the guitar fun. Tons of options and modes make this an excellent buy. I'm extremely happy with this, and I highlu recommend it, especially to gamers who want to learn to play. It's an easy transition. Practice, practice, practice.