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  • Blah - About 95% as good as the stock antenna

    About 95% as good as the stock antenna, with a much lower profile. Does fine going through automated car washes - for me at least so far. Plus, it looks cool...

  • Steven Angel - It pretty much works as stated

    It pretty much works as stated. My only real issue was that after half completing, I was already bleeding from four separate places. It's very easy to slice yourself when using it.

  • Amazon Customer - Great software

    New features make it easier to use then the older version of publisher. Not sure why they couldn't email the key card. Did have to wait for it in mail which was waste of there money.

  • Joanne Devoe - NO CUSTOMER SERVICE! DON'T BUY!!!!!!

    I have been using Living Cookbook since it came out and have always loved it. Lately my computer crashed and I had to reinstall my version of LC 2013, and then figured I would upgrade to 2015.