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  • Deanna PinkLady - Epic Epic Epic

    Deep, Emotional, Raw, Beautiful, Hard, Sad, Loving, Heartbreaking.......just a few of the many feelings this book evoked as I set upon the journey. A book that completely engrossed me and left me with a yearning to reread again. A book that deeply filleted the characters and left you analyzing for day. A book that touched me greatly because of the extremely talented writing of the author that transported me into the story and made me feel everything......from good to bad, from love to hate and from despair to hope.

  • Marcus - Fabulas scooter

    This scooter is excellent. The wheels move very smoothly. It has a good brake. I got it from walmart.

  • Anna Hahn - My Favorite!!!

    Bought this back in Feb 2015 and it is the best purchase I have made in years. My back doesn't hurt when I get up and I slept through the night for the first time in a very long time. Setup was super easy too.

  • Rob Fairfax - Eh, better than the alternatives for a single-owner LLC, but needs work

    I buy this product each year because I liked TurboTax less. My main complaint is that especially in the business side, there are a lot of fields they don't bother to explain. There are only so many fields in the tool, and they could easily hire a very senior tax expert to walk through each one and explain it in layman's terms. But they too often just give the field name and tell you to go to the tax code for more detail without even telling you where in the tax code (I could do that on my own! I am paying for an easier experience!). I'm not saying they need to create a wizard to walk through on EVERY question, but don't just ask me whether an inventory item is a Section XYZ item without giving me a few sentences to know what that means without having to google it every time. You have many thousands if not millions of users...add some value for us where you can, for cryin out loud!

  • Karen @ TingsMom - What if this was for real!

    So intense and entertaining. Scary to think this could be a taste of real-life. Enjoyed each page of this book, kept me engrossed throughout the entire thing. *I received a copy of this book.*

  • Monica K - Pretty good stuff

    Don't expect miracle. It won't make your cellulite go away or anything like that but it does make your skin look toned, firm and smooth. My friends asked me if I have been going to a gym.