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  • jhnht - NOT good, case NOT waterproof!

    I had a great time with this camera, although some of the footage turned out a little choppy when on hike, the resolution turned out nice enough for a lower end action camera. I was pleased, here I thought, let's bring it on a trip.

  • Mark E - Sheri Koones hits another home run for anyone interested in great design, techniques and resources with pre-fab houses

    Again, Sheri Koones hits another home run for anyone interested in great design, techniques and resources with pre-fab houses! Not only am I finding great inspirations for my own designs, but especially handy is the Source Guide in the back of the book. I'm using it to death already. I would recommend this book to anyone that is planning to design and build a custom home. Pre-fab is the way to go (saves cost and time, increases quality!), and Sheri Koones' book is one of the best references I've seen!

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    The only reason I gave it one star is because zero is not available. There are "known issues" with this product, but they are selling it anyway. They've had at least two patches and it still crashes all the time. I've spent at least five or six hours going through all the steps to uninstall, rename files, reload, etc., etc. and it still has the same problems. The support is lousy and the people they have to help me barely speak English. Not sure what I can do next . . . maybe find another product that I can download my Quicken files to.

  • Pete E - A Novel and Logical approach to solving Digestive Problems

    Dr. Wright presents his unique approach to curing digestive ills by actually eliminating the cause of them rather than treating the symptoms. The crux of this book is to identify whether or not you have weak stomach acid and then treat it. I don't really want to treat myself for low stomach acid without knowing if I actually have that condition what my baseline is to start. Note: if you are taking meds for indigestion Prilosec Nexium etc they work by lowering your stomach acid and will not get your true baseline reading just your post med reading.