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Actavis Ireland-First Class Generic Pharmaceuticals - Actavis is one of the world’s leading player’s in the development, manufacture and sale of high-quality generic pharmaceuticals

  • http://www.actavis.ie/en/about/ Actavis Ireland Corporate Profile - Actavis are one of Ireland's leading pharmaceutical companies specialising in generic over-the-counter (OTC) products
  • http://www.actavis.ie/en/about/management.htm Actavis Ireland - Management team - Actavis has a dedicated Management Team supporting the development of first class generic pharmaceuticals
  • http://www.actavis.ie/en/about/sales.htm Actavis Ireland Sales Team - Actavis has a dedicated sales team servicing the needs of Healthcare professionals throughout Ireland
  • http://www.actavis.ie/en/about/localmessage.htm Actavis in Ireland Management Team - We are delighted at Actavis to be one of the newest and fastest growing generic companies on the Irish market. Our new tagline,
  • http://www.actavis.ie/en/about/ContactUs.htm Actavis Contact Details - For general questions about Actavis, or to request additional information, please use the details listed to contact us
  • http://www.actavis.ie/en/products/faq.htm Generic Pharmaceuticals- questions Actavis - A generic medicine is a medicine that is similar to an original brand medicine.
  • http://www.actavis.ie/en/products/medical_information_form.htm Actavis Medical Information/Query Form - If you have questions regarding Actavis Products or want to report an adverse reaction please complete the Actavis Medical Information Form
  • http://www.actavis.ie/en/accumulator/ Accumulator - Accumulator-An innovative purchasing model for customers offering transparency, consistency, value and control for customers.
  • http://www.actavis.ie/en/careers/ Working at Actavis - Actavis offers a dynamic working environment and a broad range of career opportunities. Equalopportunities employer

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  • Eon Anni - Everyone has his neighbours. So have we. The pattern repeats...

    All the stories can not be written down because all the people who have experienced encounters with extraterrestrials and other unusual creatures, unfortunately, can not gather the courage or were passed away, and so were/are unable to confess to the world about their unusual experiences. In this book, "Humanoid encounters" are collected, recorded and published a bunch of personal, comprehensive narratives of lived encounters with extraterrestrials and other unusual creatures, face to face. Here, they are collected the true testimonies from completely different people, from different times and completely different places on our planet. Therefore, this book is valuable because it represents the testimony of those people who have decided to speak out.

  • Bobbie Ross - love it Magix has great products

    love it Magix has great products, but cannot install program more than 2 or 3 times without purchasing a new key. however, I have called and explained my computer crashed and they have helped me, and that is time consuming.

  • J. RUSSELL - Great device if used correctly

    This mini pc was purchased for use in a business where we needed Remote Desktop Client to access applications hosted by a server. For this purpose, the Stick 300 seems to be working out great. It ships with Windows 10 Home, which does not allow you to add to a domain. I upgraded this to 10 Pro and it was fairly painless. I did not need any additional drive for the install to occur, as it is done online like an ordinary Windows update. After installing Office 2010 and a few other smaller programs, the available free space is nearly 7 GB. The Wi-Fi connected quickly and is strong when most other wireless devices get a weak signal from the position this currently sits in the office. I also added a 3 port USB hub with ethernet jack, which improves network speed.

  • L. M. Herron - Don't rinse the top of the shaver where the 3 drive shafts are located!

    I'm disappointed that this shaver is not equipped to have water on the "body". One is supposed to rinse the head, still attached to the body, without getting any water on the "body". The pictures of the product seem to indicate that it's OK to pop open the head and rinse everything on the top end. This is not the case. After using the shaver for 4 weeks and rinsing the head and the top of the body, water began to trickle out of the charging port. I called PN to find out that it's NOT ok to get any water on the top of the body. However, they are sending a replacement body for free.