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  • Motor Head - Very Disappointing Product; No Suds

    I have been washing all my cars for years with Turtle Wax Car Wash and have always been satisfied with this Turtle Wax products.

  • UPGRADE - Best Product / 70% now / 20 yr. issue

    Best product I've ever used. About 70% clear now, so there's a light at the end of the tunnel. I've had this toenail issue for over 20 years and have tried every product along the way, including home remedies. This product is not perfect, but still the BEST I've ever utilized. Will update this post in a few months.

  • Shawna C - ALWAYS WORKS--unless it is a leak in the oil pan.

    I have used this on countless vehicles. This will work on any oil leak except a leak in an oil pan. I toss it in at any time(full or low), drive until it slows down, then I change the oil and add a little after that. NO LEAKS at all, unless it has been a leak in the oil pan. WORKS EVERY TIME! You must drive for a while with the stop leak in order for it to work!

  • M. R. - Beautiful - but large

    This lamp is really beautiful once it's put together. It was pretty tedious putting on the "stars". Once it's together it's really beautiful although its a bit on the large side for my daughters small bedroom.

  • Phd Student - E-Commerce 2010 (6th Edition)

    Well written text. Excellent for graduate students and professionals. Case studies are current and are an appropriate learning tool.


    My daughter is 17 now. She was attacked by a dog when she was 7 yrs old & has several small scars on her face. We discovered this magical concealer at JC Pennys one day & they are way over-priced! So I bought it on here for a much better affordable price & my daughter uses it every day. Even though she's gorgeous without it! It also last a long time! Just a little dab of this concealer works AMAZING!! Arrived VERY quick, packaged very safe, price is unbeatable & I HIGHLY recommend this if you want to cover ANY kind of blemish, freckles, scars....it's a wonderful product for sure!!!! & It lasts a long time!