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Adlego Biomedical | Pharmaceutical drug development - We are a team of professionals with long time experience of in-vivo pharmacology and toxicology. We assist pharmaceutical companies in their endeavours to find

  • http://www.adlego.se/about-us/ About Us | Adlego Biomedical AB | Adlego - Adlego Biomedical AB is a privately owned company which is focused on drug development. We are not liaised with any pharmaceutical company or other CROs,
  • http://www.adlego.se/news/ Latest News from Adlego Biomedical AB | Adlego - Keep up to date with our everything that's happening with Adlego Biomedical AB. Latest boi medical news, articles and publications from Adlego and around the
  • http://www.adlego.se/publications/ Publications and recent projects | Adlego - Because we work under CDAs most of our work cannot be published. Fortunately, some recent projects in which our CEO participated have been published and are
  • http://www.adlego.se/services/ Services offered by Adlego Biomedical AB | Adlego - We perform the standard studies required to document the effect of new drug candidates and we are always interested in adding new effect models to our portfolio
  • http://www.adlego.se/contact-us/ Contact Adlego Biomedical AB | Adlego - Contact us for more information. Tel: + 46 (0)733 42 17 37, Email: [email protected] or use our email form.
  • http://www.adlego.se/553/kanceras-hdac6-projekt-tilldelas-anslag-fran-vinnova/ Kanceras HDAC6-projekt tilldelas anslag från Vinnova | Adlego - Pressmeddelande Stockholm 2015-06-12 Kanceras HDAC6-projekt tilldelas anslag från Vinnova Kancera har av Sveriges innovationsmyndighet VINNOVA tilldelats
  • http://www.adlego.se/545/the-true-value-of-a-good-partnership/ The true value of a good partnership! | Adlego -   Urban Hoglund met Ari Tolonen, who is the CEO of Admescope, at the Nordic Life Science Day event in 2012. Admescope is a Finnish CRO that provides
  • http://www.adlego.se/534/drugs-for-treatment-of-colorectal-cancer-identified-with-use-of-three-dimensional-cell-culture-based-screening-was-validated-in-vivo-by-adlego/ Drugs for treatment of colorectal cancer, identified with use of three-dimensional cell culture-based screening, was validated in-vivo by Adlego! | Adlego - Drugs for treatment of colorectal cancer, identified with use of three-dimensional cell culture-based screening, was validated in-vivo by Adlego. http://www
  • http://www.adlego.se/520/successful-lakemedelseventet-2015/ Successful LÄKEMEDELSEVENTET 2015! | Adlego - On Wednesday 22nd April in the afternoon, Adlego Biomedical were part of the Läkemedelseventet 2015. About 50 delegates were present who enjoyed listening to
  • http://www.adlego.se/523/is-there-a-need-for-virtual-pre-clinical-cros-vcro-to-support-the-life-science-industry/ Is There a Need for Virtual Pre-clinical CROs (vCRO) to Support the Life Science Industry? | Adlego - Pharma companies need in-vivo pharmacology and toxicology supplied by professionals. Virtual contract research organisations might be the future of drug
  • http://www.adlego.se/118/mass-spectrometry-of-macromolecules/ Mass spectrometry of macromolecules | Adlego - Data on the use of accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) in conjunction with in vivo studies of macromolecular drugs are scarce. The present study shows the
  • http://www.adlego.se/122/multigene-hiv-vaccine/ Multigene HIV vaccine | Adlego - It is likely that gene-based vaccines will enter the human vaccine area soon. A few veterinary vaccines employing this concept have already been licensed, and a
  • http://www.adlego.se/124/in-vivo-electroporation/ In vivo electroporation | Adlego - The mechanisms by which in vivo electroporation (EP) improves the potency of i.m. DNA vaccination were characterized by using the hepatitis C virus

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  • Stretch8302 - #1 Office Prank

    I bought this last week and let me say, this is rancid! I work in a warehouse with about 15 guys and did a couple pranks this week. First one was just one squirt in the bathroom. I watched 3 guys go in and right back out gagging, they then proceeded to mop the floor and spray about an entire can of Lysol in there. The second one was better. Our boss sits in the office all day, so when he left for a couple minutes, I went in to set the trap. I squirted two sprays in the office and went out. He returned and thought something died in there, he went home for the day because he couldn't stand the smell. He said it smelt like somebody took a giant sh** in the middle of his office. This is a must have to get the guys at work!

  • alex hodgkinson - Worthless

    Horrible, broke after the 3rd use. I'm all of 160 lbs and upon sitting on this thing for the 3rd time a screw popped off the left armrest and I nearly fell to the ground. Don't buy not worth the money.

  • Bruce Tannahill - Remarkableinisight into 2012 Presidential Campaign

    Dan Blaze offers in insights into how the 2012 presidential campaign developed, why campaigns and candidates made certain choices and the impact those choices had.

  • lien - I like the book so much

    I like the book so much. It has a bunch of beautiful images to easily understand. It is good for my career