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Affiliated Physicians | Company Flu Shots, Health and Wellness Screening, Comprehensive Physical Exam and Travel Vaccination - Affiliated Physicians provides preventative healthcare services to individuals and companies across the country

  • https://www.affiliatedphysicians.com/contact/schedule-physical-exam/ Schedule a Physical Exam | Affiliated Physicians - Affiliated Physicians partners with more than 1000 physician locations nationwide
  • https://www.affiliatedphysicians.com/company-services/ Healthcare Services for Companies | Affiliated Physicians - Investing in the health of your workforce benefits both your employees and your company
  • https://www.affiliatedphysicians.com/company-services/comprehensive-physical-exam/ Comprehensive Physical Exam for Companies | Affiliated Physicians - Affiliated Physicians has been providing comprehensive physical examinations since our founding in 1982
  • https://www.affiliatedphysicians.com/company-services/on-site-flu-vaccination-program/ On-Site Flu Shot Program for Companies | Affiliated Physicians - Affiliated Physicians provides more than 250,000 flu shots to over 2,500 locations throughout the U.S. annually
  • https://www.affiliatedphysicians.com/company-services/on-site-health-and-wellness-screening-program/ On-Site Wellness Screening Program for Companies | Affiliated Physicians - We provide screenings for both large and small companies across the country, delivering high-value programs benefiting companies and their employees
  • https://www.affiliatedphysicians.com/company-services/pre-placement-exam/ Pre-Placement Exam for Companies | Affiliated Physicians - Affiliated Physicians provides pre-placement examinations which include a comprehensive assessment of an employee’s ability to accomplish the specific duties of the job
  • https://www.affiliatedphysicians.com/company-services/drug-screening/ Drug Screening for Companies | Affiliated Physicians - Affiliated Physicians provides professional, reliable, and discreet drug screenings for organizations across the country
  • https://www.affiliatedphysicians.com/company-services/travel-immunizations/ Travel Immunizations for Companies | Affiliated Physicians - Using guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, Affiliated Physicians provides customized treatment based on the traveler’s individual needs
  • https://www.affiliatedphysicians.com/company-services/pandemic-flu-planning/ Pandemic Flu Planning for Companies | Affiliated Physicians - The Affiliated Physicians Pandemic Flu Antiviral Program will help prepare your company to protect its employees from pandemic outbreaks
  • https://www.affiliatedphysicians.com/individual-services/ Healthcare Services for Individuals | Affiliated Physicians - Everything we do is tailored to the individual needs of our patients, from our comprehensive physical exam to travel preparation
  • https://www.affiliatedphysicians.com/individual-services/comprehensive-physical-exam/ Comprehensive Physical Exam for Individuals | Affiliated Physicians - The comprehensive physical exam experience with Affiliated Physicians is an enhanced version of an annual physical
  • https://www.affiliatedphysicians.com/individual-services/travel-immunizations/ Travel Immunizations for Individuals | Affiliated Physicians - Affiliated Physicians offers comprehensive travel medical care including immunizations, pre-trip exams, and post-trip care.
  • https://www.affiliatedphysicians.com/broker-services/ Healthcare Services for Consultants and Brokers | Affiliated Physicians - For years consultant and brokers have led their clients to Affiliated Physicians resulting in successful partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and government agencies across the country
  • https://www.affiliatedphysicians.com/broker-services/comprehensive-physical-exam/ Comprehensive Physical Exam for Consultants and Brokers | Affiliated Physicians - Since the beginning of the company Affiliated Physicians has worked closely with consultants and brokers to provide a valuable health benefit to their customers
  • https://www.affiliatedphysicians.com/broker-services/on-site-flu-vaccination-program/ On-Site Flu Vaccination Program for Consultants and Brokers | Affiliated Physicians - Affiliated Physicians has the national footprint to service the needs of the largest Fortune 500 companies and the attention to customer service to manage successful flu vaccination programs for the smallest businesses
  • https://www.affiliatedphysicians.com/broker-services/on-site-health-and-wellness-screening-program/ On-Site Health and Wellness Screening Program for Consultants and Brokers | Affiliated Physicians - Affiliated Physicians specializes in providing on-site biometric health and wellness screenings, delivering high-value programs benefitting companies and their employees
  • https://www.affiliatedphysicians.com/broker-services/pre-placement-exam/ Pre-Placement Exam for Consultants and Brokers | Affiliated Physicians - All of our pre-placement examinations meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines, and can include a drug screening component
  • https://www.affiliatedphysicians.com/broker-services/drug-screening/ Drug Screening for Consultants and Brokers | Affiliated Physicians - All Affiliated Physicians urine specimen collectors are Department of Transportation (DOT) certified
  • https://www.affiliatedphysicians.com/broker-services/travel-immunizations/ Travel Immunizations for Consultants and Brokers | Affiliated Physicians - All patients receive a destination-specific information packet which includes relevant health advice, disease and outbreak updates, and tips to avoid illness
  • https://www.affiliatedphysicians.com/broker-services/pandemic-flu-planning/ Pandemic Flu Planning for Consultants and Brokers | Affiliated Physicians - Provide your clients with the assurance that when another pandemic occurs, they will be properly prepared
  • https://www.affiliatedphysicians.com/about/ About Us | Affiliated Physicians - For more than 30 years Affiliated Physicians has been dedicated to helping organizations promote wellness and improve the health of their employees
  • https://www.affiliatedphysicians.com/about/our-clients/ Our Clients | Affiliated Physicians - Affiliated Physicians provides preventative healthcare services to companies and organizations across the country
  • https://www.affiliatedphysicians.com/about/our-physicians/ Our Physicians | Affiliated Physicians - Affiliated Physicians’ board certified clinical team is dedicated to patient care
  • https://www.affiliatedphysicians.com/about/national-network/ National Network | Affiliated Physicians - Affiliated Physicians has an extensive national network of physician practice partners across the country
  • https://www.affiliatedphysicians.com/contact/nyc-facility/ NYC Midtown | Affiliated Physicians - Affiliated Physicians is headquartered in the heart of Midtown Manhattan near Rockefeller Center.

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  • Amazoner321 - OMG. So. Excited.

    Update 3/3/2012: I'm pleased to report I've had *totally* different results on my bikini line than on my legs. I'd say I've seen at least a 60% reduction in growth after 3 treatments, maybe more (I'm only 1 week post-treatment so there is still time for more hairs to fall out) - I'm amazed and completely pleased! Still working on my legs, making progress slowly but surely.

  • Badge - although not intending to be funny..

    hilarious movie, although not intending to be funny...it's such a low budget flick with a ton of parts that make you rewind it to see it again saying to yourself "did they really just do that"

  • Mery - Perfect

    Really happy with my purchase. My baby love sitting in it. A plus is that it is high so the baby can look throughout the window.

  • Dangerous Dirk - Great Elliptical machine for the price! very sturdy!

    I did a LOT of research on ellipticals earlier this year, and after all of this, decided on the e55 from Sole. This thing is sturdy! I am 6'4 about 250 and was worried about the sturdiness of an elliptical, especially after tyring so many crappy models in different stores. Most of them rocked and felt like they were coming apart when I really got going fast. not this one. This thing was delivered in a HUGE box and is very heavy and akward to assemble. I didn't have any help to get this thing inside or assembled, however, I managed to open the box in my garage and take it inside piece by piece. A little warning though: don't plan on moving this thing AFTER you get it together, because it would be near impossible. Just bringing the components inside was awkward, but once inside, it took me about 3-4 hours to assemble. It's not that difficult to figure out, but it's awkward with no help.

  • Hasan CAKIR - Very good

    One of the best price/performence mini in the market. It has only one USB port and wifi reception is rather poor but still works pretty nice.

  • Debra in Texas - Handles our financial data needs

    The major needs for our non-profit were being met completely by the previous version. But I would often experience crashes when trying to print large reports. 2014 fixed that. Small changes have made data input a little faster also.

  • Jason Mack - did not work for me

    I was really hopeful for this product given all of the excellent reviews I read and the pictures i saw on Google. I followed the instructions exactly as written on the package. Today is day 8 and my feet had nowhere near the results the others reviewers posted about. I had some flaking of skin on top of my feet, similar to a sunburn but that us about it. Te bottom of my feet just seemed to dry out and that is about it. now i have very dry feet. Disappointed.