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Accredited Family Healthcare AFHaz.com - The healthcare providers at Accredited Family Healthcare, physicians and nurse practitioners, collaborate to offer expert medical care. Our combined education and multifaceted experience compliments our attentive personal care. We enjoy the pleasure of caring for families and extended families into their fourth generation. This networkof family and friends that have blossomed through the years is our best testament to the quality of care we provide.

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  • Trent Allen - Devil Gummies!!

    These little gummies should be made with little horns on their heads. These bears look so sweet and innocent, yet they have an evil side which is equivalent to eating 100 EXLAX tablets!

  • John Wakerly - Nice lemony lemon-pepper seasoning

    I use this to season tilapia or chicken filets for a high-protein, low-calorie lunch. Put the tilapia or chicken in a toaster-over pan lined with foil. Baste it with melted butter, and sprinkle with this stuff to taste (liberally in my case). Bake in the toaster oven for 13 min (tilapia or thin chicken-breast filet) or 18-20 min (thick chicken-breast filet). Easy clean-up when done -- throw away the foil.

  • Seideric - ASUS Suite User? Read the defender forums!

    With the new year my 2014 bitdefender will not allow some web resources to load and locks the program to be safe, tried to add the web address to the white list to bypass the problem but the 2014 BD seems to lack the file. The 2014 BD was removed from the computer and an attempt was made to update to the 2015 bitdefender, and this is the result:

  • C. Mandy - Go to Supple website

    To buy this from these folks on amazon is crazy - they are charging way too much. you are better off to google 'supple' and order it straight from thier web site!

  • Kay Nicole - *~*Sooo Glad I Purchased This*~*

    I ordered this recently as I just bought a baby chihuahua. I need something to carry her in as her kennel is too big and bulky...

  • Lisa Dear - It works!

    I started losing hair due to a medication I was taking. It took about 2 months to begin to see the new hair coming back in after starting Rogaine but in it came! I highly recommend it. Easy to put on and it works.

  • Regina F. Love - Very fast so far. I have only owned HP ...

    Very fast so far. I have only owned HP but the last HP only lasted 1 1/2 year and went through 2 Hard drives and finally died...Calling HP is pointless ...Asus is so willing to help which is why I ended up going with them. So far I am loving this!