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  • Debbie Alexander - I did read some people were not happy since it doesn't work for your toes

    It does exactly what it claims to do. I have no problem painting my nails and the awkwardness of trying to hold the bottle was gone. I did read some people were not happy since it doesn't work for your toes, but really? I don't see the need for such a thing for my toes. It would seem silly. Love it and would highly recommend it.

  • Ozzie - Keeps from frizzing, more manageable, healthy looking

    I am loving this oil hair treatment. I have also purchased more pure version of argan oil and i usually prefer the healthiest, purest, least processed form of things, but I love the smell and it works very well with my hair-ie wavy/curly that I blow-dry straight sometimes. Keeps from frizzing, stays straighter if I want that, more manageable. I use on wet hair, but also the next day when dry. No oily residue. I am considering purchasing a large supply in case they ever stop producing!

  • Jason P. - Mud Flaps fit well and were easy to install

    Mud Flaps fit well and were easy to install. Purchaser's should note the front Mud Flaps require drilling one (1) hole into the metal of the truck. Front tires must be removed to fit drill into area where hole drilling is required.

  • cindy - Tangled...

    I love coconut scents but was disappointed in these products. The shampoo made my had feel dry and tangled and the conditioner somehow felt greasy and dry at the same time. There was as sensation of raw egg whites...! This is the only OGX prodfucts I've tried so idk about the other types. For me, its a no. Only 2 because it smells good.

  • Robert Bruner - Hope in a bottle

    I've used this for about 6 years now. It has helped slow down the hair loss. I don't feel it has grown any new though. There's a lot of other things that one can do other than buying products to help with hair loss. Stress is what really gets me. It's really hope in a bottle.