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All About the Kid | Lets get pregnant, enjoy our pregnancies & give our kids the healthiest life! - My baby girl is 6 months old now, but I have very feint memories of sitting in my feeding chair for 8 hours straight, feeding her every hour and just letting

  • http://www.allaboutthekid.com/21-day-fertility-challenge/ 21 Day Fertility Challenge | All About the Kid - This really is the best way to 'kick start' your body into baby-making gear! I discovered this from This fertility diet Site, its simple and brilliant! So
  • http://www.allaboutthekid.com/environmental-toxins/ Environmental Toxins | All About the Kid - Environmental toxins are the harmful toxins we ingest and put on our skin on a daily basis without knowing it. The main ones are Bisphenol A (BPA) which we get
  • http://www.allaboutthekid.com/gluten_is_a_troublemaker/ Gluten is a troublemaker | All About the Kid - So what is gluten anyway? Well the actual dictionary definition is; a mixture of two proteins present in cereal grains, especially wheat, which
  • http://www.allaboutthekid.com/herbs-supplements/ Herbs and Supplements | All About the Kid - Here is a list of herbs and supplements I recommend that all assist with fertility, miscarriage and general well-being. On a Sunday I just repack my week of
  • http://www.allaboutthekid.com/hospital-bag-checklist/ Hospital Bag Checklist | All About the Kid - My pregnancy app politely told me it was week 35 and time to pack my hospital bag, yay! But what on earth do I need to pack in there? Well i'm here to help,
  • http://www.allaboutthekid.com/lets-get-pregnant/ Lets get pregnant | All About the Kid -   A few of my favourite things people used to tell me when i was trying to fall pregnant; "you must Eat avocado" my Mind replies.... "yes i cannot
  • http://www.allaboutthekid.com/the-two-week-wait-2ww/ The Two Week Wait (2WW) | All About the Kid - Ah Yes, the dreaded 2 week wait, or 2ww if you're a forum junkie. So what is the 2ww anyway? Well for starters, it actually feels like a lifetime, 2 weeks
  • http://www.allaboutthekid.com/2016/03/10/hi-cyberspace/ Hi Cyberspace | All About the Kid - So this is officially it then, my first blog and already at a loss for words and where to even start! Ok let me go right to the beginning; My name is Juls, I

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  • Amazon Customer - I'd give 10 stars if I could.

    Amazing, despite a 14 hour time difference was perfectly helpful and swift in getting everything handle smoothly. I'd recommend them to anyone.

  • Amazon Customer - Not like old Lego games

    While it was fun, it was far too short. Playing just a few hours per night it was 100% complete including achievements within 8 days.

  • aholl40 - Holy Basil is Great

    I started taking holy basil about a month ago. I realized after 2 weeks how calm and relaxed I was. I work in a middle school and it has really helped my nerves and my female issues. I recommended holy basil to a friend and she reported she could tell a difference after the first day. I'm going to check on her status in about 2 weeks to see how well she's doing. I recommend this product to everyone. Just remember, your body reacts differently to vitamins than your neighbor's body. I'm glad I found it! Thanks Dr. Oz.

  • Nicholette Thomas - My own home Gym!

    So we have had this item for a while... the idea was that it would motivate me to actually get up and work out - well for months it just sat there collecting dust! Finally, three months ago, I decided that I should try it out - first of all I am not a runner (it's too hard on the knees). At first I walked, then I used the incline - and finally I decided that I should try running - lo and behold, I can run without feeling the pain in my knees. - 3 months and 18 pounds lighter - I am a converted runner!