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  • leo falardeau - Everything you're hoping it will be!

    This is my first review...but to for all the fellow jeepers out there looking for an aggressive looking grill this is perfect! It's exactly what it looks like in the images and don't let the shipping time deter you because mine came in the mail via usps in like 5 days! 5* for sure !

  • carol bretz - Thanks for the reviews

    I was just about to order one of these and decided to read all your reviews. Thanks, not getting one, I will keep my old face.

  • Jack - i liked it when it was generally full of good actors ...

    too feminine , its become a hick flick i mean girls vocally going to pee constantly and the action is more focused on the woman than the men, i liked it when it was generally full of good actors not sophomore like youngsters who cannot act. bring yang back.

  • Christie - LoVe It

    Very Good product, saw results instantly..cant wait to see the long term effects it is gonna have. Gonna buy the ROC eye cream. Thanks

  • macklen - I've been using this product since the 70's. I ...

    I've been using this product since the 70's. I use it for everything except mirrors and glass. I find it leaves a smeary film on those surfaces if you get the mix too heavy and it takes dishwashing liquid to remove it. I also spritz a touch into my vegetable washing bowl. I can't imagine how to replace it!

  • Marie Gerber - Huh??

    I've read practically all of the Short Stories books that Amazon offers after getting hooked on the first one I purchased that was edited by Stephen King. Loved them all except for this one. This book left me a trifle puzzled after most of the stories - I like to come away from reading a short story that doesn't keep me guessing ........ like "huh?" I was lost in the translation as they say ....... I just didn't get the point of most of the stories. Isn't there supposed to somewhat of a point? I came away with ..... nothing but good writing and not good story. Guess it's me - but I certainly was disappointed in this particular book.

  • mike Schuman - Do not waste your time or money

    Do not waste your time or money. Nothing friendly about installation, use and support. Support for even basic help and install costs $$. Don't know how they stay in business.