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  • DaveAgain - Good luck renewing it in a year.

    Last year, I bought Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 (I originally mis-typed 2010) from Amazon, and have been getting messages from the system to renew or upgrade. Kaspersky seems to work, although the updates can be tediously slow. But that's just the software end.

  • Monica Lee - That Book is Great!!!!!!

    Milady's Standard Cosmetology Book is the future of my career! I love how updates it is with all the new FYI's & all the colors added to the book just spark it up!

  • tanya koller - my bad. it's only $10 more for state but $39

    the deluxe federal and state is what i buy every year. Accidentally bought this when the search engine refreshed with this version. my bad. it's only $10 more for state but $39.99 if you buy inside the program. Total fail all over. That is what I get for buying at 3 in the morning.

  • Gerald W. Mcbride - Everyone in our nation should read this book. Our nation has been stolen right out from under us.

    This fantastic book clearly explains how our nation has been hijacked by the hyper rich and large corporations. It explains through quotations and historical facts how the early founders intended out country to be "by the people, for the people". It explains how the super rich and mega corporations have stolen our once-democratic country right out from under us. Helping them is a Supreme Court that has grossly exceeded its constitutional authority - setting themselves up as monarchs - overriding the Executive and Legislative branches by fiat.

  • Blackcherrie - Medlov's

    Finally Gabriel is happy and that he has come into his own without any regret.. With Briggy well it was bound to happen traitor