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  • Mrsteve4011 - (Old) Linksys CM100 vs (New) Linksys CM3008

    Great little cable modem for the price. I had an older Linksys CM100 DOCSIS 2.0 cable modem, which was great for its time, but needed to be replaced. I have Comcast who kept telling me to upgrade my cable modem, but I never listened for the longest time. Ran a few internet speed tests and I was getting 34-35 on DL and 8 on UL on the CM100. Now comes in the CM3008, hook this bad boy up, which is very simple, and call Comcast to give them the new MAC address for the new modem. After a half hour with a Tech, they inputted the new MAC address, registered the modem, and synced it. Got off the phone and ran another internet speed test and got 90 on DL and 12 on UL.

  • Amazon Customer - Pretty, but more plain than others. Mine was in less than new condition from BlankSlateLLC.

    Ornament is pretty plain this year. I get one for my mom every year, so it is what it is. If you aren't collecting each year, I'd look for another year if you want one of these snowflakes. I agree with other comments that it's pretty disappointing this ornament marks the 25th anniversary. I didn't think they did a good job gluing the 6 pieces together either, but I feel like mine was a factory seconds or something. The barcode/tag was ripped off my outer box with a generic barcode label stuck below it. Kind of ticks me off because the box is important to me too. Don't buy from BlankSlateLLC unless you don't care about the box or wonder why the original label is ripped off. Mine came in a larger cardboard box with no packing material as well. Corners on Swarovski box were fuzzy because of that, but ornament wasn't broken.

  • Gina - Quick and easy pain relief

    My husband and I have been using this products for years whenever we have any back pain, etc. It provides targeted and excellent relief from muscle aches. We both like to wear patches at night so as to wake up feeling more relief. I did use the Salonpas for one probably unintended use. When I was going through a particularly stressful time at work, I found myself clenching my jaw a lot, both in my sleep and while awake, causing quite a bit of pain. I actually slept with one Salonpas on each jaw joint for several days and it relieved the problem.