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  • Love to Travel - I've been to South Africa on a few occasions and this is as good if not better than the Biltong I had there

    This was delicious! I've been to South Africa on a few occasions and this is as good if not better than the Biltong I had there. This has great flavor and isn't as tough as typical jerky. I loved it and it is a great, high protein snack. I like this better than any other jerky I've tasted - mostly because it is easier to eat - not as tough and it is smaller pieces that you can just pop in your mouth. I did receive this item at a discount for my honest, unbiased review, however, I would buy again at full price.

  • Trish Gideon - It's ok.

    Keeps my beard from tangling up for about 3-4 hours then its like I might as well not used it, also has a smell all on its own not bad but not good just different. o and if you like your beard to look glossy for the 3-4 hours it works it is great for that.

  • Timothy D. Taylor - This Version is Halloween Cash Grab!!!

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the movie!! Classic, classic film!!! But thinking that the shirt was cool and the $40 price tag was worth it? HELL NO!! Since you can get the SAME disc for $10, you're paying $30 plus tax for a shirt that is barely worth $18 and it's size large, not even XL. Do not waste money like I did and save the cash and buy just the Blu-ray at $10. Warner Bros, you're horrible!! Rip off!

  • Cestmoi - The FATHER of all disaster movies so far in terms of special effects and entertaining. + Some scenes with depth and emotion

    Of course, I had to suppress my logic while watching this in order to enjoy it completely. I mean there are quite a few illogical moments but they do not affect the entertaining value of this movie. The special effects are much superior to others of the same genre. They look real, spectacular and scary. There are some scenes with depth and emotion too. For example, the scenes where the rich paid billion of dollars to be hauled to safety while the poor were left behind.

  • robert greer - Program works... but membership sucks

    Of course all the software is top notch. However, I decided to cancel my membership as I did not need it anymore... and it is like trying to cancel a gym membership. The only way to cancel is to chat online with a customer support representative and first they throw the whole "don't go, we will give you a free month and then you can continue making payments". I was like, "no". They were like "fine, then you no longer get the student discount price (which I had) and you have to pay 50% of your remaining contractual obligation under the normal rate! HA!". It was only a little over $40 so not really a big deal but man did that leave a bad taste in my mouth. The rep I had to talk to told me "please wait while I cancel your subscription". So I waited 10 minutes before I finally asked what was going one before they responded to tell me it was done... I wonder if they would have cancelled it if I never responded back... top notch customer service....

  • Gwen - Great

    The book is cool. It gives u the strategies on how to solve the questions and what to look out for. It helps u to prioritize and eliminate wrong options .