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  • KameronMckenzi - Hey, it might work but it gave me the runs like 3 times a day!

    yeah, i had bad experiences in the bathroom while using this, it's a good workout booster but all those painful, burning, poop sessions I went through weren't worth it AT ALL. Probably TMI but I'm just being honest!

  • Lindsey - Eh...if you're on the fence, keep looking.

    I don't dislike it enough to return it, but it is not an item I would recommend to my best friend. The stroller is really light and it is easily collapsible but it is a little bit challenging to open it up. It's also not ideal for running… I know it's not a running stroller, but I still run with it.

  • Brenda Robinson - No more waxing!

    I been using this cream for about 3 years now. I use it once a month and leave it on for 8 minutes and it removes my upper lip and chin hair. It does tingle a bit, but it doesn't burn. I always apply Aloe Vera gel ( alcohol free) right after to calm my skin. I've never broke out from using this product and I have a dark skin tone. I love how smooth my face looks and the more you use it the less facial hair grows over time.