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Alamance Regional Medical Center - Alamance Regional - Burlington, NC - Alamance Regional Medical Center is a not for-profit, 238-bed hospital in Burlington, N.C.

  • http://www.armc.com/alamance/about-us/ About Us - Alamance Regional - Burlington, NC - Alamance Regional Medical Center is committed to improving the health of the citizens of Alamance County and its surrounding communities.
  • http://www.armc.com/armc-main/wellness/ Wellness at Alamance Regional - Alamance Regional - Burlington, NC - Alamance Regional and Cone Health are dedicated to improving the health and wellness of our community.
  • http://www.armc.com/armc-main/community/ Community - Alamance Regional - Burlington, NC - Alamance Regional is dedicated to providing resources for the community to keep you healthy and informed.
  • http://www.armc.com/armc-main/events Alamance Regional provides a variety of classes about health issues. - Alamance Regional - Burlington, NC - We provide classes and events for all community residents. Our classes cover topics such as infant and child health, cancer, heart health and more.
  • http://www.armc.com/armc-main/services/charitable-foundation/how-to-donate/ How to Donate - Alamance Regional - Burlington, NC - Contributions to the foundation can be made online via credit cards or through the mail by check. The foundation can also assist with planned giving.
  • http://www.armc.com/armc-main/about-us/patient-stories/ Share your stories of exceptional care. - Alamance Regional - Burlington, NC - While we have received our fair share of recognition, we get the most satisfaction from those moments when we really make a difference in people’s lives.
  • http://www.armc.com/nondiscrimination-notice/ Non-discrimination Notice - Cone Health - Greensboro, NC - Notice Informing Individuals About Non-discrimination and Accessibility Requirements
  • http://www.armc.com/patients-visitors/interpreter-services/ Interpreter Services - Cone Health - Greensboro, NC - Communicate confidently with your Cone Health care team by taking advantage of our interpreter services.
  • http://www.armc.com/healthcare-professionals/ Health Care Professionals - Cone Health - Greensboro, NC - Information for health care providers and professionals in the Cone Health service area.
  • http://www.armc.com/en-espanol/ Cone Health En Espanol - Cone Health - Greensboro, NC - Cone Health es una red de proveedores de asistencia médica sin fines de lucro que atiende a las personas en los condados de Guilford, Forsyth, Rockingham, Alamance y Randolph.

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  • Rodolfo Del Bosque II - Incredible safety with options, and easy to use.

    I have been using the free version for a while now but upgraded to the more robust features of a paid subscription. I not only have Avast installed in our home server but on our Android phones too. What an amazing way to secure your phone and even take a photo of the person who has tried to unlock your device linked with Google maps pinpoint of where the event occurred.

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  • garythegrim - Not the best of The Best American Short Stories series

    Having spent a great deal time in airport bookstores over a twenty year period, I became a fan of The Best American Short Stories series. I haven't done much flying in the past five years and moved away from my need to have a book in my possession that I could put down easily without feeling that I was missing something. Recently, I seized the opportunity to download and read this, the 2013 edition. Perhaps it's sign of the times, but beginning with Heidi Pitlor using the Foreword as a platform to put her personal anxieties about gun violence on display through nineteen of the twenty selections, the reader is treated to dismal stories about flawed individuals and their less-than-uplifting experiences that left me frankly depressed. The sole exception to the other dreary tales was "The World to Come" by Jim Shepard which, though fitting the pattern of the rest of the book, was rich in old words which were new to me and carefully crafted. I have purchased The Best American Short Stories 2012 and hope for something better than what was provided for 2013.

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