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  • H. H. River - Fantastic

    I have been looking for the prefect pill to help me out. It helps keep my need to eat lower than the normal without it and is perfect for making me feel more motivated to get up and more. It also has shown a few pounds of weight loss already. I am very impressed with this product. It was on discount but i love the product so much I plan to purchase it and set up regular deliveries of it.

  • chrobs - Teasingly Feature-packed, but Disappointing

    Very Disappointed. I have been looking for a Backup Solution for my home network. 3 computers, server Smartphones and tablets. As an IT professional who supports a backup scenario at work, I know what I want in terms of features. this Acronis prooduct seems to have all that - Esp the Incremental/Differential feature so I'm not doing Full backups every week (day) and can have small backups in between that only back up changes. The Cloud version of this product also synch up mobiles and tablets nicely (supposedly). Other vendors may off these features, but they are not advertised so I am unaware to date. Acronis has many other features, but I never got that far.

  • NWnaturegirl - Great for international plane travel

    This bag has traveled with me throughout the US, Europe and Asia. I use it as my computer bag carry-on. Some airports still make you take out the laptop even though it is supposed to be approved, but some airports/countries are fine with it zipped open and face down as long as there's nothing in the pouch with the computer( not even papers). I love all the zippered pockets. I use one for my wallet and passport and small ones for things like lip balm. I also like that' it's pretty waterproof/snowproof and that it can fit over the handle of a piece of luggage if I don't want to carry it on my shoulder. This bag has gotten a ton of use in the past 3 years!

  • Cseh - Kind of dissapointed

    I thought it would have been full of great examples, but it's just a boring instruction manual. It's hard to find subjects within the chapters.

  • rockaliciousNY - Beware: carpet eater!

    I have had an old Rainbow vacuum from the 1980s that my grandmother purchased a few years ago for $25 at a church sale (obviously the man selling it had no idea what he had, or he wouldn't have given it up for $25!). I love that vacuum, but over the years I've had problems with the power head, and although my apartment is mostly hardwood, I have 2 large area rugs and was getting tired of trying to keep them clean without the power head.