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  • Predator51 - Ink mages are awesome!

    This is the first time I've read about ink mages. They can do some mighty powerful things with their magic! The duchess, who becomes an ink mage, acquires some unique individuals to help her, as she attempts to reclaim her castle. I look forward to reading the next book in this most fascinating series!

  • Amazon Customer - Excellent; tan ones really show the amount of debris they capture. Black might hide debris better ?

    They do such a good job of capturing debris. Very well recommended. I have them in all my vehicles. My 2013 accord has the tan interior and I chose the tan liners. I think I regret this as black ones might blend in better and perhaps not constantly remind you of how much dirt they have captured.

  • J. Wurgler - Great BT headset for the office!

    I've been using these for the last 4 days at work and like what I'm hearing. I paired them with my phone and am using Amazon Prime music, both downloaded and streamed. They have not lost connection while using them although if you pause them by click on the side button on the right side and do not restart (probably after 10 mins) you have to push play on your phone since clicking to play again doesn't seem to start it. The headphones don't lose connection at all but seems to forget what the button push is, but if you do it within a few minutes it pauses and starts up again no problem. I was able to get through 2 days of listening before having to charge them and then even recharging was around an hour or so, very fast when compared to some other BT headphones I use. Call quality the first time I used it was a little choppy but after that I haven't noticed anything and people say I sounded good when asked. As far as distance I can get a good 30 feet without any interference with atleast one wall inbetween. Once you get over that it's still ok but if you get more walls or electronics it can be hit or miss. Makes it from my desk to a couple of the printers so it works fine for me. The over the ear loops are a soft rubber so after getting used to them you barely notice them. The unit comes with 3 different sizes of the rubber tips and if you have an extra pair of those comply squishy foam ones it would be great (for office, not sure about running or sweat). One thing to do is make sure to let them hang to get the behind the neck piece to unkink since that was a little annoying until it straightened out after that it was barely noticeable. Volume is good on these, and the sound dampening was good in an office setting. The bass was more pronounced in these with the highs slightly muted atleast in my experience.Overall I really liked these headphones and they will be my new goto's at work. I did receive the unit at a reduced cost for a fair and unbiased review which I have given. If you have any questions ask away and I'll try to get back to you. I'll come back here in about a month and let you know what if anything has changed for better or worse but as of now it's looking great. :)