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Home - Bard Engineering - Bard Engineering are Specialists in Service Trucks and stock Nozzles and Receivers such as the FloMAX FN600 Diesel Fuel Automatic Shut-off Nozzle interchangeable with Wiggins ZZ9A1, also catering for Steel Fabrication, Filters, Lubrication, Lubrication Systems, Water Dispersal systems, Filtration, Dispensing Systems, Fire Suppression and Water Trucks.

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  • Anthony E. - Best product out there.

    I installed my Blaster-X taillight by Custom LED a week ago and I cannot imagine still using the boring stock tail light. It's extremely bright and I love the different options for brake light patterns. It gives me peace of mind that I'm less likely to get rear ended at a stop light because my brakes are flashing and even strobing when I have my turn signals on.

  • Carol G. - It's okay

    I haven't noticed a difference yet, my skin is pretty clear but I bought this in the hopes that it would exfoliate my face a little more than it does. I've been using it daily. It smells clean, which I love!

  • mary ann D - Excellent CD...I Love it.....

    This Grammy CD is a Great Choice. I watched the Grammy Awards and loved the music. So I purchased the CD from Amazon, when I turned it on the first song was Bruno Mars, EXCELLENT CD, I will be listening to my CD at work, in my Car and In my Home.

  • Storm - Witches Datebook a Must Have!

    I purchase the Witches datebook & calendar each year. It helps me keep track of holidays and appointments. The articles are useful and it never hurts to be aware of the moon phases etc., You dpn't have to be a witchy person to find this useful.

  • Mommy - I love, LOVE

    I love, LOVE, how this makes my hair feel and smell! And you only need to use a small amount (lesson learned)! Will definitely order more in the near future. Well worth the price.

  • Terry Knotts - I have been taking nootropic supplements since the 90s, ...

    I have been taking nootropic supplements since the 90s, because most of them work for me. i am familiar with the dozens of items which could serve the brain some form of boost, so when checking various brands on amazon, i saw this one and how it contained 28 items in it. i knew all the items as i have taken them all before, so i had no problem to buy this when i saw a chance to get it at a reduced price just as long as i left an unbiased review. this mix gets a bit into most every category of supplement, from vitamins to minerals to herbs and aminos, and compounds plus choline. for nootropic mixes it is rare to see so much in a capsule, by they managed to come up with a well thought out list of goods, as each one does help the brain in too many ways to mention, in both short term you feel will each dose, and long term that helps clean out and amplify the brains efficiency. the suggested dose is two but i take 3 daily, with two in the early afternoon and another in later afternoon, and that gives me 20 days in this bottle. i take it mainly because it helps with my work, and my attention which can veer off unless some nootropics reels me in. it takes about 30 minutes to begin working and then lasts about 3 to 4 hours. the price is fair coming in at under 50 cents a day retail. you can compare with other brands, but compare all that is in them, and if yo have the time read up on what they are, and then decide if this one is the one to pick for yourself. with so many thing in this, most are bound to work for you to a degree you will notice.