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    City: 28.9948 , Turkey

  • WiIliam R. Moseid - Amazing Insight Into The "Founding" Of America

    An Amazing Insight Into Who Founded "Atlantis", Err . . . . "America" & The Hidden Purpose For It's Birth.

  • Candace B. Gallagher - My Favorite Shampoo

    My favorite shampoo. I've been using it for years, along with Paul Mitchell Daily Rinse Conditioner and "Thicken Up." Can't beat it ... I've tried. Smells amazing and leaves my hair soft, shiny and full of body. :)

  • maryellen - fun??

    This game is my favorite to play, however I have been stuck forever in the 1st country and it continuously says that I can't access Tokyo, both the mayday and Amazon.com and their customer support have not been able to help after many many conversations with them, very frustrating, I have always been connected to FB but still lost all of my progress , I once had made it to several countries only to have all my progress be wiped out and now I'm starting from scratch for the 2nd time but it's not allowing me to continue

  • woodworker's wife - Don't waste your money like I did

    I purchased this at Best Buy for my 3 year old granddaughter and spent hundreds more on on apps and gear. I gave it to her immediately after it was released this July. She soon fell in love with it; it was by far her favorite toy (and ours) as it kept her amused during car trips, doctor and dentist visits, etc. We had issues from the beginning with the screen freezing, scrambled screens, and slow processes, all of which I could live with since she loved it so much. Today, a little more than 30 days after giving it to her, it is totally dead and will not power on at all. We thankfully purchased a warranty, and are going to exchange it, but I have no confidence the new product will be of any better quality. In addition, all the apps I purchased can only be put on three devices. If I get one more dud, I will not be able to transfer my hundreds of dollars in apps to the new device. This purchase has been the biggest mistake I ever made. Take my advice and purchase an ipad, ipad mini, kindle fire, anything but this.

  • ali asgary - right on time and followed the description

    I received it right on time and exactly followed the description. I don't give it 5 star because CD #1 had marks on it which made me to wash it couple of times in order to make my lap top read it. other than that, it's all good.

  • MamaLiberty - Description misleading

    I should have read the description much more carefully. This product only has a small amount of Tea Tree Oil, and is mostly other non medicinal oils. The scent is pleasant, and made a nice addition to the skin care products I produce for myself, but I had to go and buy pure tea tree oil elsewhere.