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Bezwada Biomedical, LLC - A Drug Device Research Company - Bezwada Biomedical is a innovation driven drug device research company with expertise in absorbable polyurethane, absorbable polymers derived from functionalized natural products, drug molecules and amino acids, adhesion prevention barriers, absorbable drug eluting stent coatings, tissue adhesive and sealant, medical device coatings, drug delivery, drug device combination, absorbable implantable devices and tissue engineering

  • http://www.bezwadabiomedical.com/facilities.htm Bezwada Biomedical - Facilities - Bezwada Biomedical operates in two research, development, and manufacturing facilities located in New Jersey and India
  • http://www.bezwadabiomedical.com/careers.htm Bezwada Biomedical - Careers - At Bezwada Biomedical, we invite you to join our growing team of individuals who make a difference in the biomedical and drug device research field.
  • http://www.bezwadabiomedical.com/corporate_overview.htm Bezwada Biomedical - Corporate Overview - Bezwada Biomedical LLC is an innovation based and technology driven start up company focused on developing a range of novel, biocompatible and absorbable materials for use in next generation medical devices and therapeutic applications.
  • http://www.bezwadabiomedical.com/business_strategy.htm Bezwada Biomedical - Business Strategy - Bezwada Biomedical designs, develops and commercializes novel absorbable polymeric biomaterials and products based on them in close R&D relationships/partnerships with medical device manufacturers and biomaterial based companies.
  • http://www.bezwadabiomedical.com/bioabsorbable-polyurethane-patent.htm Bezwada Biomedical wins 2009 Best of Hillsborough Award - Bezwada Biomedical LLC, a biomaterials company that develops, manufactures and markets innovative proprietary absorbable monomers and polymers for biomedical applications, announced today the issuance of United States Patent

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