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  • Mr. Crafty - A great product.

    This product never stops working. Just sit back and watch the transformation take place after each rain as it brings life to your roof shingles. A great product.

  • Varun K. Goyal - Excellent

    The people at Crack the PAT are incredibly through. After a day, when I had not downloaded software, they called to creck whether I knew how the program worked and went step by step to help me through the process. This program has recieved excellent reviews online, although I have yet to try it. There is at least no fault with the sellers.

  • happygirl - It's my favorite. Leaves your hair so soft and has been ...

    I think I am going on my third jar of this. It's my favorite. Leaves your hair so soft and has been recommened by so many people! Also, the price here is amazing. Target sells it for $30 and I went into a boutique by the beach and they were selling it for $55!!! I couldn't believe it.

  • Pixie - Do not put your cat health in danger

    I don't know if the 5 stars reviews were honest or not but this product doesn't work. When my cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroid I immediately ordered Thyroid support based on excellent reviews. After whole month of using it my cat's appetite only slightly increased not enough to gain her lost pounds back. The product did not lower high blood pressure associated with hyperthyroidism so in result my cat's heart was weakened . I have seen my cat shaking from blood pressure being so high! The product description is simply misleading . After four weeks of using we went back to a vet to check her T-level and of course it was very high, no wonder my cat wasn't getting any better. The company says to only use this product ,no mixing with methimazole, so tell me Pet Wellbeing, how do you want me to do so if your product puts cats in danger? To bad I missed return date now I am stuck with whole bottle of useless product. Any one who left 5 star review wants it ?

  • Amazon Customer - Worth every penny

    This is awesome. I hooked this up to my karaoke system to eliminate wiring from my PC to AMP, it worked like a champ. Connected to AUX port in my minivan, worked flawlessly. Next, I'm going to tape it to the side of my motorcycle helmet and pair with my GPS. I'm sure it's going to work b/c USB 3.0 is for that.

  • PANCam - Pretty good but not the best

    There were some math errors. No instructions of the systems requirement for the program. I ended up spending so much time to try to get it work. I emailed the seller, they are pretty good at responding in time. The product is a bit pricy.