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Bio-Santee Chem - Home -          Welcome to Bio-Santee ChemBio-Santee Chem provides regulatory and administrative support to Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, and Medical Devices industries, with a focus on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and quality system requirements. Bio-San

  • http://www.biosantee.com/services Bio-Santee Chem - Services - Bio-Santee Chem offers your company a range of services: Cost effective internal Quality /GMP compliance audits, litigation testimony and vendor/supplier inspections.Mock-FDA PAI and GMP Inspection of biotechnology, diagnostics, pharmaceutical and API manu
  • http://www.biosantee.com/clinical_research Bio-Santee Chem - Clinical Research & Bio-Santee Chem                         - Bio-Santee Chem is also providing a contract clinical research services and is committed to providing high quality clinical research support to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in their endeavor towards clinical development of medicines for
  • http://www.biosantee.com/pharmaceuticals Bio-Santee Chem - Pharmaceuticals - Bio-santee Chem also involve in pharmaceutical business and we are working in different sectors of pharma industry such as : Pharmaceutical Marketing services Pharmaceutical Sales services Pharmaceutical Export Services Pharmaceutical Strategy Development
  • http://www.biosantee.com/pharma_products Bio-Santee Chem - Pharma Products - Bio-Santee Chem is representing many pharmaceutical companies of the world and we are always to bring valubale products for our clients. At present, following medicines are available for worldwide marketing and export. If you feel that any or some of produ
  • http://www.biosantee.com/airborne_tablets Bio-Santee Chem - Airborne Tablets  -  A unique balanced combination of Calcium and Vitamin D allow  AIRBORNE to make the patients life better. Our unbeatable technology also help to get more absorption  in the body.
  • http://www.biosantee.com/dann_white_cream Bio-Santee Chem - DANN WHITE -  DANN WHITE (NARURAL WHITE CREAM)A Natural Product for Better Complexion and Healtheir Skin
  • http://www.biosantee.com/pk-6_spray Bio-Santee Chem - PK-6 Spray -  PK-6 is the combination of 6 ingredients which helps to minimize the pain of the body which includes cancer pain and all joints pains. PK-6 is a combination of herbal ingredients , most of ingredient have been approved by FDA for human use a long time ago
  • http://www.biosantee.com/medical_devices__surgicals Bio-Santee Chem - Medical Devices & Surgicals - Bio-Santee Chem is extensively involve in the marketing and invention of new medical devices in all categories through its reasearch oriented manufacturers all over the world.
  • http://www.biosantee.com/animal_medicines Bio-Santee Chem - Animal Medicines - Our main goal is to provide better animal & poultry medicines for our customers. The company believes that the key to success in highly competitive market is to provide cost effective products with good supply chain as per the customer's need. This is what
  • http://www.biosantee.com/worldwide_operation Bio-Santee Chem - Worldwide Operation - Bio-Santee Chem is operating its own business offices in the different part of the world. Now we have entered in different business agreements with  pharmaceuticals, chemcials and health care manufacturers , due to this our presence has become globally.Som
  • http://www.biosantee.com/milestones__news Bio-Santee Chem -  Milestones & News - Milestones are checkpoints for the company to evaluate, analyze and tune up the further steps. Let us have a look at the major milestones of Genus, which are like footprints-invaluable for the past and guidelines for the future“ Direction is more important

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  • Shleigh - Recommended - great for iPhone 7

    Great so far! Wished I could've used by 6 case but it didn't fit around the camera (since the lens is larger) and I didn't want to compromise it just to save a few bucks. This case is less bulky than the defender (which is what I'm used to) but still does a great job at protecting my phone. I've dropped it twice already and the only 'damage' is one small dent in the bottom of the case. Nothing to the phone, so even if the case gets dents, I'd rather that.

  • Scott J. - Sucker punched

    Sucker punched is all I can say. While walking through the mall, the fellow ran out of the store and started bugging my wife; actually leading her into the store by her arm. Then, of course, the intensive sales pitch began and went on for what seemed to me an eternity. He had all this stuff already in the bag with her telling him "NO". Short story, my lack of patience took over and I purchased the products just to get out of there receiving a whopping 1/2 price deal according to the salesperson. My wife had no intention of buying the eye serum products or the other facial creams/cleansers- so I ended up with them. I'm no spring chicken so thought what the heck and I decided to give it try. Seven months later of proper and systemic use, I can honestly state there has been no difference in appearance of the area around my eyes. The facial products are still unopened in the back of the bathroom lower cabinet.

  • KaityKat - Spot test before using all over your face!

    Oh my goodness gracious my face did not like this at all. I'm having a horrible break out from this moisturizer like never before. Obviously I didn't spot test but I've learned from my mistake and am now telling you. Spot test for at least 3 days to see if you break out. I've read other reviews on a different website that had my same reaction.

  • nylady - Very soft and great quality pillow covers

    Absolutely love these pillow covers. I had 4 small microfiber pillows that i need to sleep with. They were neon green and did not match my decor. I could not find similar pillows. I found these covers on Amazon. They fit perfectly. They are a very soft corduroy feel. Zip easy on and off. Great quality.

  • Loreli - Gives a false sense of security

    When I decided to return to grad school to work on my PsyD & that I was going to have to take the GRE again (UGH), I also discovered that I had the great misfortune to be taking it at the same time that ETS was performing a major revision of the blasted test. I already have two Master's degrees, but when I took the GRE in 1996, it was still given in pencil and paper on a scantron. I used every reputable GRE review available: Kaplan, Barrons, Princetons, Nova, ETS.org & Magoosh.com. I am a LCSW. I use math the very least in my daily life, so I basically had to re-teach myself everything past the basics. I started my review with Kaplans, but in the end, if I would have never ventured any further, I would have done myself a great disservice. 

  • Xquizitestillettos - Gave me a rash!

    The product gave me a rash. I hate that I paid all of that money for this product and now I can't use it.

  • Laura McClelland - Hamel provides another amazing and must read

    Once again, B.B. Hamel provides another amazing and must read. Jodie has lived a sheltered life not knowing about her family and the Irish mob ties. When her family is killed by another mafia gang, she is "given" to Dante so that he can teach her to be a submissive. Once that task is finished he is to give her up... but can he? This was a gripping read right from the start. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy.