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Spiritual, social development: providing tidbits of knowledge, awareness in bit size - Free tidbits of knowledge, providing bite size of understanding on the forces that help shape human existence, increase human awareness that will help spiritual and social development, helping people develop the seed of greatness inside of them

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  • kits - Very compact yet works like a Pro-Style

    Too bad, I missed on this New Waffle Iron when I shopped for a Professional series waffle iron. I got Waring Pro WMK300 model which does EXCELLENT Belgain Waffles and has great reviews here. I saw this NEW Villaware model in a friends house and it works as good as the Waring Pro model and does better in looks. It's much more compact and looks styish in kitchen. Maybe, someday I will get this because I find the Waring Pro model looks very ugly after seeing this model or the Kitchen-Aid model(way too expensive but makes 2 Waffles at a time)!

  • Josh H - Do not buy if you have any dark rugs/carpet

    I paid $500 for this unit, having EXTREMELY high expectations from it based on other reviews I have seen on here. Sadly, it works great when it actually does work, but if you have any dark colored rugs or carpet, it will not work and will freeze up with 'Error 6' and just stop. Here is the chat log transcript with an irobot csr I just had about this issue:

  • Francisco - I cant wait for the license to expire...

    Avast is OK but when it forced my search engine to be only the one they are probably getting paid for it just bothered the heck out of me... looking for a different opiton now... too late to back out of what I purchased.

  • Karen LaMontagne - Great LEDS!

    Works great in my car! Great price too! The LED's are very brite and make my white mazda look more chic!

  • Solobear - ... cycles and all the characters in terms of the good, the bad and the ugly

    Our financial history in terms of cycles and all the characters in terms of the good, the bad and the ugly........

  • D. Nakaya - you can easily order parts and replace without having to buy a ...

    The car is fast and has plenty of power to drive on grass, gravel, dirt. All the parts are replaceable, so if you break something, you can easily order parts and replace without having to buy a whole new car. The receiver box melted down, not sure why, but Keliwow is sending me a new one free of charge. Keliwow has been very responsive and easy to work with--great customer service. Hopefully with the new parts I'll be back in business.

  • Leah Nicole - Plumping It Up With Kim

    I love NYX. I think it is absolutely awesome that they are naming colors after celebs. The "Kim" color is a pale pink with a slight orange undertone. This color goes well with my olive skin tone but I will probably wear it over my reg. lip pencil or lip stainer color. The consistency of color is transparent, like a normal gloss... Has some pigment but it probably won't stay for long.. However... Tingling definitely stays. As far as the "Plumping Up" aspect of this product, it works great. There is a lot of tingling. Doesn't really sting or hurt but I can definitely feel the tingle and I can definitely tell a difference in my lips when I look in the mirror. They look fuller and healthier. I have lots of lines on my lips and I am not sure why... but this plumper helps inflates the lips decreasing the lips, giving me fuller healthier lips...