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  • Tara K. Espitia - I even lost 3lbs which is great. I did notice that if I took it ...

    I was very anxious to start taking these. Reading up on them they are so much different from the rest. With these I had more energy and I did not feel jittery or wired. It even helped with my thought process. I even lost 3lbs which is great. I did notice that if I took it and did not eat then I would feel a little nauseous. Other than that this product is just what I needed.

  • Amazon Customer - This unit is perfect for my needs

    This unit is perfect for my needs. It charges up my electronics quickly. I am totally satisfied with my purchase.

  • Amazon Customer - I like that it's relatively quiet (updated review)

    I like that it's relatively quiet, has a big reservoir, has 7 pressure settings, and comes with a lot of tips. I don't like the fact that it doesn't have an on/off switch on the handpiece, so you have to use your other hand to turn it on/off while you're holding the handpiece in your mouth or over the sink (but I can live with that). I really don't like the fact that it started leaking from the bottom of the handpiece (where the coiled tubing comes out) after just the second time I used it. And I deeply dislike having received a response from the company rep (the instructions say to email her if there's a problem) saying that this happens to all water flossers. If I had gotten one that's not defective, I would have been pretty happy with it (4 stars). On the plus side, when I decided to return it for a refund, the company rep issued me a refund right away; normally you have to wait until Amazon receives the returned product before you get the refund.

  • Ramblings From Beneath the Sheets - I enjoyed the little plot twists

    I didn't know this was part of a series and I don't think it matters one way or the other that I had not read the previous ones. For the most part - This was a decent rockstar read. I enjoyed the little plot twists. There were a few things towards the end hat I didn't think played out like I saw in my mind. But hey.....I'm not the author. I did enjoy it enough that I'll most likely go back and try to read the others in the series.

  • W. M. Scarborough - Worked for a while...

    I drive a 2000 Toyota 4Runner V-6 and have a little over 160K miles on it. Several months ago I noticed a little oil on the garage floor. My mechanic determined that the valve cover gaskets were leaking and quoted me $600 to replace them. I have used Lucas Oil Stop Leak with the last two oil changes and the leaking has stopped. The leak was very minor, so I'm sure the gaskets had hardened with age and the Stop Leak softened them so they would seal. I guess I'll have to have them replaced sooner or later, but for now Lucas has allowed me to defer a $600 repair bill.