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Blue Light - Home - With 60 Branches throughout New Zealand, Blue Light run a wide range of events and activities designed to help give our kids a brighter future.

  • http://www.bluelight.co.nz/about-us.html About Blue Light New Zealand - The Police and Community working together to make a difference in the lives of NZ youth.
  • http://www.bluelight.co.nz/meet-the-team.html New Zealand Blue Light Structure - Governance and Branch Structure for New Zealand Blue Light Ventures Incorporated.
  • http://www.bluelight.co.nz/local-events.html Local Event - There is always a Blue Light event near you. See what's happening in your area!
  • http://www.bluelight.co.nz/national-events.html Blue Light National Events - Events are for New Zealand youth aged from 5yrs to 17 years of age. Drug, Alcohol and Violence Free. Working with the NZ Police to reduce crime.
  • http://www.bluelight.co.nz/gallery.html Time 4 Youth - Find the photos taken of you and your friends at the latest Blue Light events.
  • http://www.bluelight.co.nz/donation.html Donations - A partnership between the Police and Community to give Kiwi kids a future as exciting as they can imagine!
  • http://www.bluelight.co.nz/government-and-community-partners.html Government and Community Partners - Blue Light would like to acknowledge the invaluable support of Youthline, Youthtown, NZ Defence Force, The Lion Foundation & Trillian Trust.
  • http://www.bluelight.co.nz/catalogue/11837/merchandise-.html Merchandise - Blue Light Merchandise, Promotion, Promo, TShirts, Drink Bottles, Rulers, Rugby Balls,
  • http://www.bluelight.co.nz/resources.html Parents Resources - Blue Light are committed to helping NZ parents raise their kids well. These resources are for you.
  • http://www.bluelight.co.nz/blog/time4youth Time4Youth - Time4Youth events were held in Warehouse stores in the upper North Island during Youth Week.  These events were a great success raising money to help Blue Light deliver its youth programs.  
  • http://www.bluelight.co.nz/blog/rod-bell--blue-light-ceo--making-a-difference-for-young-people Rod Bell, Blue Light CEO, Making a Difference for Young People - A great article about our CEO, Rod Bell, and his work with Blue Light over many years.
  • http://www.bluelight.co.nz/blog/whakatane-blue-light-adds-mountain-biking-to-help-youngesters Whakatane Blue Light adds mountain biking to help youngesters - Whakatane Blue Light, with funding provided by Whakatane West Rotary Club, have added a fleet of mountain bikes to their equipment shed to help young peope in the area take advantage of the great cycle tracks in their area and get them outdoors.

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  • Lindsey - Don't Buy USED!

    I got mine used since I don't quite have the money for a new one and boy do I wish I got it new. The previous owner was DEFINITELY a smoker so it STINKS to high heaven. I also expected just the belt to be used and brand new pads to be sent, but the used pads were still stuck onto the belt (eww). I had to wait for new pads to be sent before I could use it and that took some time :/ There was also a part missing. The belt extender was missing, but I really didn't need it anyways since the belt alone is too big for me. The only reason it stays on is because the pads are so sticky.

  • S. Martinez - Great value

    This folder does exactly what I need it to do: hold the coins in a presentable and convenient way. Great value given the price.

  • Josh Sfakianakis - Love the monitor but only last 2 months before I had to replace

    Bought this monitor in December of 2015. I had it for almost two months. It looks great. The backlight bleeding does happen. Not a lot thought. If your screen isn't black, you can't see it. My monitor unfortunately just gave out on me just 2 months in. I had pictures uploading on my computer, went to shower and came back to find that the monitor was flickering and had lines all up and across the screen. The last application I had was ghosted even though it wasn't open. Weird. Got a replacement free of charge though. Hopefully this one last longer.