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  • Andrew - Fits a lot and easy to use

    I purchased this because I have a lot of messenger bags and I didn't want to purchase another full messenger bag for the sole purpose of carrying my cameras.

  • J. Stoltz - Perfect for my pellet rifle.

    I'm giving this 5 stars because it is super easy to use. One thing I don't like is the view finder doesn't seem real clear and hard to see with glasses. But I'm still able to get distances uphill easy and quick. Update: I took my glasses off and was able see much better! Great for getting distances for creatures in trees.

  • N. U. - Works great with optical PCM input

    I'm splitting my TV audio optical output between my home theatre and this Bluetooth transmitter. The device works great with the digital format set to PCM and it has excellent support from the seller. There's no discernible lag and this works even better than my TV's inbuilt Bluetooth. Once paired, the RTX Mini reconnects very quickly when I turn on my TV (which powers the transmitter via USB).

  • hippie - CSN 2012

    Hubby and I saw them in concert in July 2012. Immediately wanted this DVD. Played it right away and was not disappointed. Have most of their music but really enjoy concert DVD's. This one is great. A couple of spots where the sound seemed like it was coming out of a slightly blown speaker but did not happen often enough to bother us. Any CSN fan will dig this!!

  • M. D. Minuth - Gimmicky device, not worth the cost. Need to take phone out of protective vault/case to charge

    Had to take the phone out of my Otterbox to charge. There was an answer that said it would charge, but it didn't. Had to unplug the USB from my computer and put it into a wall charger. Got the lights to light up but still sits at 82%. Device lights are off but the charging icon is showing. It's a gimmick like Sea Monkeys

  • Amazonian - Bedtime ritual.

    This delicious tea has become a bedtime ritual for my family. With its wonderful fragrance and lovely, mellow taste, this Camomile classic hasn't made any of us actually sleepier, but it does seem to aid deeper, more pleasant sleep through the night -- or maybe it's just wishful dreaming. Either way, a yummy bedtime treat which doesn't require any sweetener.

  • MKCAR1 - really good but not perfect in my opinion

    As is normally the case in life - the Netgear Orbi RBK50 has its positives and negatives. Not to give to lengthy of a review I will try to highlight the positive/negative points below as I perceive them to be as well as the results of my before/after speed test(s);