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Broadway Medical Centre Dunedin Ltd- Family Health Doctors in Dunedin - Broadway Medical Centre - Welcome to Broadway Medical Centre! We are a caring family medical centre located in Dunedin City. Our Doctors are very experienced in caring for your families health.

  • https://www.broadwaymed.co.nz/contact-us Broadway Medical Centre Dunedin Ltd - Contact Us - Broadway Medical Centre - If you would like to make a general enquiry please complete your details and your enquiry. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • https://www.broadwaymed.co.nz/patient-info/practice-information Broadway Medical Centre Dunedin Ltd - Location - Broadway Medical Centre - We are located at 2 Broadway, Dunedin Central. There are many car-parks surrounding the medical centre.
  • https://www.broadwaymed.co.nz/patient-info/appointments Broadway Medical Centre Dunedin Ltd - Appointment Information - Broadway Medical Centre - Our Doctors are available Monday to Friday to see patients. Acutely unwell enrolled children will ALWAYS be seen on the day.
  • https://www.broadwaymed.co.nz/patient-info/after-hours Broadway Medical Centre Dunedin Ltd - After Hours - Broadway Medical Centre - As the doctors at Broadway Medical Centre are also in the pool of Doctors who work at the Dunedin Urgent Doctors and Accident Centre outside of our normal surgery hours you are able to see a doctor there.
  • https://www.broadwaymed.co.nz/patient-info/fees-and-payments Broadway Medical Centre Dunedin Ltd - Fees & Payments - Broadway Medical Centre - Enrolled children under 6 are FREE. Enrolled patients are subsidised under the Southern Primary Health Organisation (SPHO).
  • https://www.broadwaymed.co.nz/patient-info/medical-students Broadway Medical Centre Dunedin Ltd - Medical Students, Nurses, Registrars - Broadway Medical Centre - For medical students, it is a very important part of their training to see patients. However, if you would rather not then that is fine aswell!
  • https://www.broadwaymed.co.nz/patient-info/new-patients Broadway Medical Centre Dunedin Ltd - New Patients - Broadway Medical Centre - If you are looking for a new Doctor to care for your health needs then we can help! Please look around our website to find out more about how we can help you.We offer New Patients a Free New Patient Health Check.
  • https://www.broadwaymed.co.nz/patient-info/newsletters Broadway Medical Centre Dunedin Ltd - Newsletters - Broadway Medical Centre - You can read editions of our newsletter here. Alternatively you can sign up via the Home Page to have them e-mailed directly to you.
  • https://www.broadwaymed.co.nz/our-services/diving-medicals Broadway Medical Centre Dunedin Ltd - Diving Medicals, RSTC, PADI - Broadway Medical Centre - Do you need a dive medical done in Dunedin? We can do commercial, instructor, PADI, RSTC medicals and provide medical advice regarding fitness to dive.
  • https://www.broadwaymed.co.nz/our-services/gpsi-doctor Broadway Medical Centre Dunedin Ltd - GPSI Doctor, ACC Injury Specialist, Skin Lesions - Broadway Medical Centre - GPSI is an abbreviated term for General Practitioner with Special Interest. This means that the particular Doctor or 'GPSI' has a particular interest or expertise in a certain area of medicine.
  • https://www.broadwaymed.co.nz/our-services/immigration-medicals Broadway Medical Centre Dunedin Ltd - Immgration Medicals, Visa - Broadway Medical Centre - How do Immigration Medicals in Dunedin work? At Broadway Medical Centre we can do both New Zealand and Australian Immigration Medicals.
  • https://www.broadwaymed.co.nz/our-services/surgical-services Broadway Medical Centre Dunedin Ltd - Surgery, tongue tie, vasectomy, circumcision - Broadway Medical Centre - Broadway Medical Centre has a purpose built theatre to provide a wide range of minor surgery procedures including; vasectomy, circumcision, mole removal, skin cancer removal, toe nail surgery.
  • https://www.broadwaymed.co.nz/health-info/mental-health Broadway Medical Centre Dunedin Ltd - Mental Health, depression, counsellors - Broadway Medical Centre - There are a number of free mental health services available if you are struggling with depression. Your doctor can you work out what is best for you.
  • https://www.broadwaymed.co.nz/health-info/travel-health Broadway Medical Centre Dunedin Ltd - Travel medicine, advice, vaccinations - Broadway Medical Centre - If you are looking to travel there may be vaccinations you need before you go. If you would like advice on travelling overseas and medications you can make an appointment with one of our Doctors.
  • https://www.broadwaymed.co.nz/health-info/vaccinations Broadway Medical Centre Dunedin Ltd - Vaccination Information - Broadway Medical Centre - The National immunisation schedule and other vaccines available for: flu, whooping cough, chicken pox, hepatitis A & B, rotavirus, meningitis, HPV and Pneumonia.
  • https://www.broadwaymed.co.nz/staff/dr-ruth-barnett Broadway Medical Centre Dunedin Ltd - Dr Ruth Barnett - Broadway Medical Centre - I accepted an invitation to work at Broadway. Leaving the close community of Port Chalmers for the more widespread community of Broadway was a big decision to make but I am pleased to be a part of the supportive Broadway family that has been part of so many Dunedin families for so many generations.
  • https://www.broadwaymed.co.nz/staff/dr-paul-bennett Broadway Medical Centre Dunedin Ltd - Dr Paul Bennett, vasectomy, tongue tie, men's health - Broadway Medical Centre - Dr Paul Bennett areas of specialty including: Vasectomy, tongue ties circumcision and men's health issues.
  • https://www.broadwaymed.co.nz/staff/dr-nick-giblin Broadway Medical Centre Dunedin Ltd - Dr Nick Giblin, Diving, Immigration Medicals - Broadway Medical Centre - Dr Nick Giblin specialises in commercial diving medicals and is also a panel doctor for the Australian Immigration Department.
  • https://www.broadwaymed.co.nz/staff/dr-doug-hill Broadway Medical Centre Dunedin Ltd - Dr Doug Hill - Broadway Medical Centre - As well as the wide variety of experiences that General Practice offers Doug also has special interests in minor surgery, Musculoskeletal injuries, child and maternal health.
  • https://www.broadwaymed.co.nz/staff/dr-jennifer-hill Broadway Medical Centre Dunedin Ltd - Dr Jennifer Hill - Broadway Medical Centre - I started at Broadway in 2004 and I enjoy all aspects that General Practice offers and particularly enjoy family and women's health.
  • https://www.broadwaymed.co.nz/staff/dr-ann-horner Broadway Medical Centre Dunedin Ltd - Dr Ann Horner - Broadway Medical Centre - I particularly enjoy getting to know my patients and their families, and feel privileged to be a part of their lives as we both work towards attaining and maintaining good health.
  • https://www.broadwaymed.co.nz/staff/dr-maya-macfarlane Broadway Medical Centre Dunedin Ltd - Dr Maya Macfarlane - Broadway Medical Centre - I decided to go into General Practice early in my medical career as I enjoy having more long term relationships with patients and working together to make the best informed choices for individual health care.
  • https://www.broadwaymed.co.nz/staff/dr-heidi-mcmillan Broadway Medical Centre Dunedin Ltd - Dr Heidi McMillan - Broadway Medical Centre - I have worked in Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch before finally settling in Dunedin in December 2010 to start work at Broadway.
  • https://www.broadwaymed.co.nz/staff/practice-nurses Broadway Medical Centre Dunedin Ltd - Nurses - Broadway Medical Centre - We have a team of four nurses who work alongside the doctors and also offer clinic appointments.
  • https://www.broadwaymed.co.nz/staff/practice-managers Broadway Medical Centre Dunedin Ltd - Practice Managers - Broadway Medical Centre - Fiona and Carmen are our Practice Managers. They have a wealth of experience and between them ensure that the Practice runs smoothly.

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    I have had dry nasty feet my whole life and have tried everything under the sun. This says results in 3 days, I saw results in 2. I've paid a lot of money for prescription stuff and this works BETTER.

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    This is a really effective tool. My face is always covered in white heads/black heads that I never could get rid of. The first time I used this, I removed almost every little embedded white head/black head from my forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. Trust me, there was a lot that I visibly saw being extracted by this tool.