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  • Chad Seitz - UAG Phone Cases are simply awesome.

    I love UAG cases. I've had one for my last two Android phones (Galaxy III and Galaxy Note 4) and now for my IPhone 6s Plus. The cases are about as durable as anything that I've ever seen, and they are extremely comfortable in my hands. What's more, I never ever concern myself with the safety of my phone in day-to-day life - I drop them frequently, and think nothing of it as they tumble from my hand or from my pocket. I've never ever damaged a phone while it was in a UAG case. Granted, I'm sure it is possible to do so - but in normal everyday use, these cases protect my expensive phones with spectacular efficiency and good style.

  • changing_lives - Seriously so plush and looks so comfy. baby hasn't ...

    Seriously so plush and looks so comfy. baby hasn't used it yet as he is still in the infant carrier. Fits well in a smaller car on one of the rear side seats (coupe- Hyundai).

  • The Soto Moto - I don't like looking large on a bike that appears to small ...

    I wish I had all the lofty cycling lingo at my disposal to do justice to this road bike and its ride on the open road. First off, this bike is stunning. I chose 'black,' it's actually black and white, and in a style that exceeded my expectations. The Italian design of this bike is apparent and impressive. It took a full week after assembly to take it for a real spin, and there wasn't day, if not an hour that I would stop, look and admire. I'm 6'0" - 225-230lbs, with a 33in inseam and went for the XLarge. The chart put me at the top end of the Large, and bottom end of XLarge. I don't like looking large on a bike that appears to small for me. And while my stats put me on the cusp, I can see how the large might have been better suited if I were training to race on this bike. The smaller size would have afforded me greater agility. But I'm not racing, I'm cruising on open stretches of road. The bigger size suits my ego and objective. But, I repeat, my stats are on the line of going either way. If your measurements are not in the gray, I would say stick with the charts recommendations. A significant step up/below out of range could prove hazardous. I did a couple hours of research that paid off. This bike is better than entry level. You'll see.

  • Jenny Delamotte - Perfect Purchase, Definite Recommendation!

    This is one of many Acer monitors I have purchased over the years. I never cease to be amazed at the brilliance and clarity that Acer delivers for the price.

  • Anngellica - I feel "normal" again.

    I've had IBS-A for years, but it developed gradually so I didn't take it seriously until it severely impacted my life. Fear of colonoscopy kept me from seeing a doctor and therefore suffering longer than necessary which was silly, because when I finally saw a doctor he immediately diagnosed IBS - no colonoscopy required.

  • Michelle S. - Greatest cleaning cloths ever!

    I was introduced to these a couple years ago and love them as you don't have to use chemicals to wipe your counters down. We also have them for the bathrooms and I wipe the walls down and door knobs. Great product!