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  • Mark Puleo - Great Product

    I only use my satellite radio and I bring my jeep to the car wash and was worried when the stock antenna got wrapped up. This is a great product that is made to be tough. Looks great too!

  • Schola Abstract - No Samsung Pay on International model

    EDIT: So after owning this for a few months, I'm dropping the rating solely because of the Edge touch screen. The fact is that I find it very annoying to use. The side of your hand touches it really easily, and it it makes typing or playing games on the phone very frustrating. The edge apps themselves are very few and far between and not that useful either. It's a pity since the phone itself is great, runs programs well, has great visuals and camera but actually using the thing is just frustrating. I'd suggest getting just the S7 to save yourself some money and comfort.

  • Gregory P. Jerkich - 2012 {Single Disc Version} BLU-RAY

    This is a pretty good Disaster movie. I have watched it quite a few times already & it is still enjoyable. The Blu-ray quality is pretty nice for this movie. Not a lot of grain. The color also is pretty nice. As far as the sound goes I can only say that I listen with external speakers hooked up to my regular stereo system [nothing high tech] & it sounds pretty good. I would think with the proper equipment it would sound even better. The aspect ratio is 2:40:1 which means you see more or all of the movie, just the way I like it. As far as special features go you get a couple of commentaries, alternate endings & previews. Overall I really liked this movie & think you will too.

  • broncojo - I tried it and got rid of it.

    It made minimal changes to my PC's, Yes it does get ride of junk files but as for speed, not much. The super virus optional protection which comes with it but you need to turn it on I had on 3 of the PC's I installed it , it was a crap shoot whether virus protection would turn on or not. At times the software would request a reboot, never mention in any notation to why I had to reboot? it would request a reboot and this would fix this. It was a pain in the arce. AS for technical support, I couldn't find it, From what I got you had to submit a ticket. With this before I decided to ask for a refund under there 30 day guarantee, I searched for any complaint issues about PC Matic, you will find there are lots. You should go read them be for you purchase this software. Makes me believe this company is just another seen on TV products that spends millions on TV ad's to push a product that's not so good to attract people who are not good with computers technology or savvy shoppers. You will find many other software product that do the same as PC Matic and even better and they don't need to spend allot of money to sell it with TV. Just good reviews from honest people.