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CAM Conferences | In collaboration with BANT  - Essential CPD accredited conferences for Registered Nutritional Therapists and nutrition professionals. 

  • http://www.camconferences.co.uk/march-2016/ March 2016 | CAM Conferences in collaboration with BANT - 'Individualised nutrition: Diet and DNA - unlocking the power of nutrigenomics'. This CAM Conference in collaboration with BANT will take place 19 March.
  • http://www.camconferences.co.uk/april-2016/ April 2016 | CAM Conferences in collaboration with BANT - 'Detox - the key to healthy ageing'. This CPD Accredited CAM Conference will be held on 9 April in collaboration with BANT.
  • http://www.camconferences.co.uk/may-2016/ May 2016 | CAM Conferences in collaboration with BANT - CAM Conference in collaboration with BANT - 'Feeding the Gut: health through microbiome modulation' 21 May 2015
  • http://www.camconferences.co.uk/september-2016/ September 2016 | CAM Conferences in collaboration with BANT - CAM Conferences in collaboration with BANT - 'Feeding the brain: nutrition for bullet-proof immunity' 10 September 2016. Featuring Dr Dale Bredesen. 
  • http://www.camconferences.co.uk/november-2016/ November 2016 | CAM Conferences in collaboration with BANT - CAM Conferences in collaboration with BANT - Nutrition resolution: breaking the cycle of stress and chronic inflammation - 5 November 2016

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  • F. Winnett - I love it!

    This is a great program set. I am only versed in Office 2001...so getting this was eye opening. There are LOADS more things that can be done in Word and Excell, that I ever thought possible. Once I am well versed in this, I will be ahead of the curve. A lot of businesses and government employers are still behind by 2 or 3 years in the Microsoft Office game. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking to expand their knowledge and ability to accomplish more with the programs.

  • Christine Calvin - FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, FAKE - Do not buy!!!

    Do NOT buy, these are FAKE. I wish I had noticed the other reviews or that these were being shipped from China (which I did not know until I saw the shipping details). I just went to a sporting goods store and picked up 2 'real' Yetis. The ones I received from OuSiMan do not compare in terms of performance. They look pretty good to the eye, but when you put ice in them, you notice they in no way are real Yetis. The tumbler becomes cold to the touch on the outside and is almost starting to sweat. A real Yeti does not. After only 2 hours, you can see the ice in the fake one is beginning to melt where in the real one they look as they did from the onset. You can tell the fake is not holding in the cold just by the way it feels on the outside. Sadly, these fakes are so well done it really is hard to tell until you put it to the test. BUYER BEWARE!

  • TheresaS - Item was expired

    he tea tree oil was expired and you could see where the date had been strached off the bottle!!!! I could not believe it!

  • Eldub - Good Job!

    This book is a superior reference source. I bought it for my daughter and found myself using it more than she did. I also found another book recommended in another review of this book. Although, it too may be very good. They don't ship the book or return your money. So it is my opinion the gold standard is still the MSAR.