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Cardiovascular Research Group, Szeged, Hungary - Preclinical and Clinical Research and Development and Pharmaceutical Marketing for pharma, biotech, and food supplement industries.

  • http://www.cardiovasc.com/cvs/ferdinandy.html Cardiovascular Research Group, Szeged, Hungary - Cardiovascular research services for basic researchers and pharmaceutical industry.

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  • RisaKnits - Great size for a small bedroom, bathroom, or office.

    This is a very nice little diffuser! It came packaged in a normal retail box. There was all the normal labeling on it including features, specifications, a list of box contents, and more.

  • Lazoore - love it! my baby can easily grab his cheerios ...

    i have the britax b ready, and this fits perfectly. i messaged the seller making sure it was the older version they were sending me, and sure enough it was. love it! my baby can easily grab his cheerios in the big tray. i put his pacifier in the cup holder tray. have not yet tried placing a sippy cup, but it looks like it will stay bc the cup holder part has little rubber flaps that would keep the cup in place.

  • William R Jones - Norton 360 review

    I've been using Norton 360 for the past 3 years now and I have been satisfied. IT blocks and removes potential threats like a champ. I only had one instance where it could not remove a threat, instead guaranteeing it. My subscription gave me access to Norton's removal tool program and in conjunction with 360 successfully isolated and removed the threat. The only flaw this virus protection has is its recent updates which messed up its backup programs. It will start backing up and stop at 1 or 2 disk with an error message saying this disk is full please use another. It reads like that with every disk put in. That is the only flaw with Norton's virus protection which is why I cannot give it 5 stars. But for the price I bought it, Norton is well worth it.

  • Christina! - Good Facial Cleanser, Doesn't Help with Acne

    I have moderately heavy acne on the sides of my face and sometimes my chin and forehead. I've tried proactiv along with other products and none of them worked well for me.

  • J M P - DANGER not for people with soy allergies or thyroid disfunction

    This product despite description advertised does contain soybeans. Says so right on the label. If you are allergic beware. Most hypothyroid people are keenly aware that soy products have a negative impact on thyroid replacement uptake and possibly thyroid function entirely but as Tonalin is also suggested for those with a possible thyroid function issue that does not test to be a problem you might be making things worse instead of better. You can read several clinical studies suggesting that soy can make your thyroid worse--if you are not familiar with why soy is bad for thyroid function google it first before you decide if this product is a good idea.

  • Marla A. Carmody - Great for my collection.

    I love my Holiday Barbie collection. This is a great addition to my set. They are all so beautiful and I could never imagine playing with one of these dolls. I have been collecting them since the late 1990's.

  • Amazon Customer - HOWEVER these sneakers are VERY comfortable just tight getting on and you are not slipping ...

    Didn't realize that the tongue was connected to the body of this sneaker - which makes a different to us wide feet people. HOWEVER these sneakers are VERY comfortable just tight getting on and you are not slipping these on to wear!