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  • Romance-ish Reader - A Little Piece of Christmas Magic

    I am a die hard romance fan, and this one did *not* disappoint. Sweet, and swoony, and Christmas-y, it was everything I look for in a holiday read. But it was also more. Yes, I totally fell for the love interest, Caleb. Totally. I loved the sweetness and tentative progression of their relationship. But it was the themes of forgiveness and acceptance and trust that completely won me over. There were moments that put me right there in the pine-scented, candle-lit air, and Asher's writing was as good as ever. If you're looking for your own little piece of Christmas magic, this is the read for you.

  • Evac156 - Good in most ways, with a couple of annoying quirks

    I have a long history with Norton security products, mostly good, and this one is pretty good. I'd had problems with one recent version that took out a lot of useful features, such as custom scans, and fortunately this one puts them back. It does everything I need, and it's pretty easy to use. Also, being able to install on three PC's is great, because I was able to install on both my desktop and laptop systems. In fact, this version is overkill for my uses; it has many features I *don't* uses, such as remote backup, identity protection, Facebook cleaning. All I really need is anti-virus, firewall, and registry tuneup, and those work quite well.