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  • SBush68 - Works well, no smell, no irritation

    I haven't used a product like this before for my face (my upper lip hair is generally fine, but a bit too "fluffy" at the outer corners of my mouth for my liking). I have dry, sensitive skin so was worried about the results. But this product worked well. I followed the instructions (massage in a thin coat of the protective balm - felt like Chapstick), then put on a thick coat of the remover and leave on for 8 minutes. When I first put it on there was a very faint smell of lemon and Nair, but VERY faint (and I have a picky nose). Then I smelled and felt nothing (no tingling). After 8 minutes, I wiped off and rinsed and it felt great - no redness at all. I'll definitely use it again (looks like there's enough here for several uses). I give it 4 stars because it seems pretty pricey for what it is, but I have no complaints on how well it works!

  • Lijing W. - This hair removal duo is OK. I used it ...

    This hair removal duo is OK. I used it once and my facial hair from the upper lip are almost, not completely, removed. I felt a little stung after rinsing my skin. And the upper lip is slightly swollen. I am afraid of being harmed by this product.

  • cheepgeek - Good, but not the best

    We used Balmex for several months with our now 8-month-old girl. It did a good job, but she recently developed a stubborn rash with spots. I was applying the Balmex VERY liberally, but it wouldn't go away. We had a prescription, but she reacted badly to it.

  • Leslie Watson - Quick get Quicken

    I have been lazy about my personal matters. I have been anxious about where bills are and seldom checked my statements because I did not have many debts. I did auto bill payments.