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Zyrtec d 10mg,5mg,20mg:Uses,Dosage,Side Effects,Coupons - Allergy? Get all the vital information you need to know about a popular and trusted antihistamine known as Zyrtec D in this article,

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  • Deal Catcher - Accurate and affordable! Try it!

    Compared to my old device and it is pretty accurate. Great design. Easy to rid. Big display.I am glad to get it at a promotional price and would highly recommend it!

  • chris - Slumber party wars

    Great book. I enjoyed It a lot. Part s of it are like a diary. I love this book a lot. I believe that the whole slumber party wars was really necessary. I mean, they just made up right after Nicole 's new baby cousin was born right in her very home and not to mention her mom delivered the baby herself without the help of a paramedic. Everyone was shocked to see that Nicole 's mom,the accountant, delivery a baby! What kind of sense does that make! Just seeing the birth of a newborn meant that Nicole must have won the slumber party wars.

  • Alyssa - Waste of money

    I have used Moroccan Oil for about 8 months. I decided to try this after reading several comments from a variety of websites devoted to hair/beauty. After seeing some videos on YouTube, I decided to purchase this. I have medium length, straight hair. It is color treated and I use heat (blowdryer, flat iron) 2-5 times a week. This oil is much heavier than I expected. I knew that it was not straight argan oil, and was silicone based just like Moroccan Oil. It does not smell like anything except cheap. I used it on my hair 3 times, once wet and once dry, and also as an overnight treatment. It made my hair very heavy and greasy. I would not suggest this product. It is a waste of money even if it is much cheaper than other argan oil hair treatments. The difference is night and day.

  • STL Ken - Awesome protection for your computer

    I have been using Norton 360 for 3 years now, it's just as good as it gets. I used to hate norton in the past because it was just so invasive, would slow the computer down & take up a ton of space, not any more.

  • MommyMary - Makes great nachos! I wouldn't make tacos with it though.

    Makes great nachos and tostadas! I wouldn't make tacos with it though but I don't use ground beef for tacos anyways.

  • chasin ponies - Three years later (and loving it) and it finally broke-Be aware that there are no repair parts for this (obsolete)model

    I have had one of these for 3 years and loved it until today. I guess in our disposable society a person is expected to replace the whole vacuum cleaner when something simple breaks. Today the (made of plastic) beater brush bar broke and in my hunt for a replacement for it, I found out that this model is obsolete and has been discontinued by Shark. Even if it wasn't, simple parts like the beater bar are NOT available even on the Shark website. Not available anywhere else either!