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Center for Natural Cures: About Us - The Center Center for Natural Cures is headed by Dr. Sharon Fan, a China-trained physician and an US board certified naturopathic doctor, who has nearly 30 years’ experience in natural healing and medical research.

  • http://www.centerfornaturalcures.com/Pages/Services-and-fees.aspx Center for Natural Cures: Services and Fees - Services provided: Yuen​​​ Method, Asyra Comprehensive Health Evaluation, Computerized Testing for Allergy, Dietary and Nutritional Consultation, Cleansing and Detoxification Programs, Allergy and Stress Elimination, Homeopathy and Herbal Medicine
  • http://www.centerfornaturalcures.com/Pages/yuen-method.aspx Center for Natural Cures: Yuen Method - Yuen Method is an innovative, "hands-off" energetic technique which delivers instant results and resolves causal influences from physical, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual and psychic levels
  • http://www.centerfornaturalcures.com/Pages/contact-and-direction.aspx Center for Natural Cures: Contact and Direction - The Center for Natural Cures is conveniently located in the Democracy Medical Center in Bethesda.

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  • Amazon Customer - nice feel good book for kids

    A positive book about dads for kids. My one suggestion is that the formatting shouldn't require a capital letter after each comma. This may be a programming error and not a writing error.

  • A. Clark - Absolutely Gorgeous Graphics

    The game is gorgeous. The graphics are amazing. If you're a history or weapons buff, this game really caters to you. You can fight with Lawrence of Arabia in Syria, Suez, Argonne Forest, Italian Alps or even at Gallipoli. They have packed about every pistol, rifle, shotgun and machinegun from the WWI era into the game. Melee weapons galore.

  • L. Crusing - A real help for traveller - cars, trailers or RVs

    We had an older edition of this book and it was very helpful. I thought since we just purchased a new 5th wheel, we should get an updated Next Exit guide too. Can't wait for the weather to improve so we can start using both!

  • Amazon Customer - EZ HOLE

    I am a union certified electrician and currently working for the San Francisco Airport. I love this product and It would help me a lot to do many of my side jobs. I would recommend EZ HOLE for any union and non union electrician out there. I thank you so much to the person in charge for following up about the product.

  • Edith Turner - Great Product! I bought this smartwatch for my son's ...

    Great Product! I bought this smartwatch for my son's birthday. He loves the watch, and he states that it works just fine. This was a great find and at a great price. It works just as good as the name brands smartwatches for a fraction of the price, and it comes with tons of features. I would recommend this product.

  • John S. - Pricey for what it is, but it is great case

    good solid case. when you grab your phone off the counter you feel like you got something in your hand! absolutely no gaps in the phone/case nice tight fit (which is nice) i had quite a few cases since i bought my 6+ but i like this one the best. if i had to gripe about anything.....i would say just slightly more rubbery coating on the surface to help with grip factor. other than that i love it. Had a chance to test it out recently at Publix while shopping....it fell out of the cart and smacked the floor Hard! Lady in the aisle looked at me in horror.....picked it up and she said "is it ok?" Yep its fine, but i was worried about it since it was face down after the tumble. good enough for me! love the color too