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Chardon Pharma - Capture and build upon expertise in the area of pharmacology and drug development, and make that expertise available for the discovery, selection and development of new drugs and new formulations of known drugs.

  • http://www.chardonpharma.com/../our-approach Chardon Pharma - Chardon Pharma proves that your idea works, called obtaining proof of concept (POC). The POC phase is the phase in the development of a drug in which the value of the compound increases most.
  • http://www.chardonpharma.com/../available-techniques Chardon Pharma - The available techniques are in the field of psychopharmacology, in particular related to obesity, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, stress-related disorders and pain.
  • http://www.chardonpharma.com/../get-in-touch Chardon Pharma - Please contact us about any questions you should have concerning proofing your pharmaceutical ideas.

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  • Kreestan - Above Average

    I am often disappointed by this yearly anthology. I love short fiction, but the pieces selected for Best American tend to be too self-aware and too literary for my taste. The 2010 collection has exceeded my expectations by presenting stories which are, for the most part, vibrant and engaging and without the distractions of heavy-handed philosophy and stylistic tricks.

  • G.O. Weaver - Great

    This is absolutely a marvelous book with great synopses of alternative art spaces in New York. Worth buying. Highly recommended.

  • karen isenhower - Bissell

    I like this product very much...does a very good job of cleaning my floors...so much better than swiffer, which left the floors sticky. I'm glad I got the extra mop pads so ill always have at least one clean one on hand. It is super convenient to be able to just throw them in the washer...good for the environment too, not having everything disposable. Only complaint is that I can't quite get into the corners as much as I'd like because of the shape of the mop head and the position of the mop pad.

  • ayla - So far ive only taken the product two days but ...

    So far ive only taken the product two days but it has reduced my appetite and given me more energy. I'm already leaning towards buying another month

  • Munch - Buyer Beware

    The other comments about the gun not working with larger televisions are spot on. I have a 65" and needed to stand back 25 feet before it would calibrate. I moved the sensor all over and had someone tilt it at all angles but to no avail. Seems like this gun was designed to work on a 19" TV if you wanted to be within 8 feet of the screen. The scope on the gun is very hard to see through so I removed the red lens with a screwdriver and it worked a lot better for me. Even when it finally calibrated it still wasn't very accurate if you actually tried to use the scope.

  • Carolyn Mattos - Easy

    Easy to use and digest. Great way to get the needed nutrients/vitamins from fruit and vegetables. Especially important for those not loving to eat their veggies.

  • Harley Guy - Don't buy these, you won't be happy

    I bought 2 of these and they aren't worth buying. The phone has very poor battery life, even while hooked to WiFi. The Bluetooth cuts on & off for no apparent reason and no matter how precise you are while texting, words are still misspelled.