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Cancer Chemotherapy Drugs, Side Effects, Skin Care and Support - chemotherapy.pro - 12 Things about chemotherapy that will help you better understand how the chemo drugs work and the truth about its side effects. For instance, chemotherapy hair loss, side effects...

  • http://www.chemotherapy.pro/Cancer-Support-Groups-Cancer-Support.html Cancer Support Groups - Cancer Support - chemotherapy.pro - Cancer Support Groups: if you are undergoing chemotherapy, you are supposed to be left alone; you need support from family and organizations. There are cancer Support Groups all over the United States and other countries that can help you cope with the cancer...
  • http://www.chemotherapy.pro/Chemotherapy-by-Cancer-Type.html Chemotherapy by Cancer Type - chemotherapy.pro - Cancer Chemotherapy for different body organ and types of cancer. Get the latest information on cancer chemotherapy drugs about their indication, contraindication, side effects and complication.
  • http://www.chemotherapy.pro/Chemotherapy-Drugs.html Chemotherapy Drugs - chemotherapy.pro - Chemotherapy Drugs - Cancer Drugs: Many chemotherapy drugs are used to treat cancer including breast cancer. View complist list of chemotherapy drugs used to treat all types of cancers. Cancer drugs include alimta....
  • http://www.chemotherapy.pro/Chemotherapy-Side-Effets-Chemotherapy-Effects.html Chemotherapy Side Effets - Chemotherapy Effects - chemotherapy.pro - Chemotherapy Side Effects - Chemotherapy is the best weapon available to date to fight against cancer... The list of side effects associated with chemotherapy is vast. These adverse reactions vary from one patient to another and from one drug to another.
  • http://www.chemotherapy.pro/Radiation-Therapy-(Radiotherapy)-by-Cancer-Type-and-Side-Effects.html Radiation Therapy (Radiotherapy) by Cancer Type and Side Effects - chemotherapy.pro - Radiation Therapy latest update and information for cancer patients and medical professionals
  • http://www.chemotherapy.pro/Chemotherapy-News-and-Updates.html Chemotherapy News and Updates - chemotherapy.pro - Cancer patients with hard-to-treat head and neck cancers have new hope with this new discovery.
  • http://www.chemotherapy.pro/Chemotherapy-FAQs-(Page-1).html Chemotherapy FAQs (Page 1) - chemotherapy.pro - Chemotherapy FAQs - Page 1: Find all chemotherapy information you need in the form of FAQs. Chemotherapy.pro explains chemotherapy to cancer patients in a simple language to help them...
  • http://www.chemotherapy.pro/Chemotherapy-Skin-Care.html Chemotherapy Skin Care - chemotherapy.pro - Taking Care of Your Skin during Cancer Treatment: Although chemotherapy drugs can be effective in fighting cancer, these drugs also affect healthy cells in different organs of the body including the skin. By killing rapidly dividing cancer cells, chemotherapy drugs attack malignant cells as well as certain normal cells, mainly healthy cells in the bone marrow, skin, digestive tract, hair follicle, mouth and reproductive system
  • http://www.chemotherapy.pro/Chemotherapy-Related-Articles-and-Update.html Chemotherapy Related Articles and Update - chemotherapy.pro - Our chemotherapy articles include but not limited to: Mesothelioma Chemotherapy Adjuvant Chemotherapy Breast Cancer Chemotherapy Chemotherapy and Hair Loss Colon Cancer Chemotherapy Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy Leukemia Chemotherapy Lung Cancer Chemotherapy Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Ovarian Cancer Chemotherapy
  • http://www.chemotherapy.pro/Contact-Us.html Contact Us - chemotherapy.pro - Contacting us is a great way to engage us and demonstrate that you are a real person rather than simply an ...
  • http://www.chemotherapy.pro/History-Of-Chemotherapy.html History Of Chemotherapy - chemotherapy.pro - History of Chemotherapy - In 1908, Ehrlich's search for antibacterial substances to combat syphilis, he discovered, with his collaborator Sahachiro Hata, Salvarsan or 606 (later named Neosalvarsan or 912), an arsenic compound used to treat syphilis and trypanosomiasis (or trypanosomosis).
  • http://www.chemotherapy.pro/What-Is-Chemotherapy.html What Is Chemotherapy? - chemotherapy.pro - What exactly is chemotherapy? Chemotherapy is the use of chemicals known as “cancer-killing drugs” in a therapeutic goal. In other words, chemotherapy consists of using powerful drugs to slow or kill cancer cells. In fact, among cancer therapies – surgical therapy, radiotherapy (radiation therapy), immunotherapy and hormone therapy - chemotherapy is
  • http://www.chemotherapy.pro/Types-Of-Chemotherapy.html Types Of Chemotherapy - chemotherapy.pro - Types and purposes of chemotherapy - With advances in medical science, it is now possible to take chemotherapy in several forms: intramuscularly, subcutaneously, intravenously and by mouth. However, most chemotherapy drugs are taken intravenously (intravenous injection).
  • http://www.chemotherapy.pro/Class-Of-Chemotherapy.html Class Of Chemotherapy - chemotherapy.pro - Chemotherapy is grouped into different therapeutic classes: Alkylating agents (also called DNA damaging agents), anti-metabolites, plant alkaloids and terpenoids, podophyllotoxin, taxanes, topoisomerase inhibitors, antitumour antibiotics, hormones, and monoclonal antibodies.
  • http://www.chemotherapy.pro/Chemotherapy-Administration.html Chemotherapy Administration - chemotherapy.pro - Chemotherapy can be taken by infusion or orally in the form of capsules, tablets or liquid; however, most of the time, chemotherapy is administered intravenously.
  • http://www.chemotherapy.pro/Chemotherapy-Dosage-Chemotherapy-Dose.html Chemotherapy Dosage - Chemotherapy Dose - chemotherapy.pro - The dosage of a chemotherapy drug is not as easy as taking a Tylenol. Usually, oncologists base on several criteria - such as type of cancer, age, health status, your height and weight - to determine the dosage most able to combat the disease.
  • http://www.chemotherapy.pro/After-Chemotherapy.html After Chemotherapy - chemotherapy.pro - Chemotherapy drugs attack both cancer cells and healthy cells that multiply rapidly, mainly white blood cells. When there is a decrease in your white blood cells, your immune system becomes less able to fight against infection and other pathogenic attacks.
  • http://www.chemotherapy.pro/Coping-With-Chemotherapy-Coping-With-Cancer.html Coping With Chemotherapy - Coping With Cancer - chemotherapy.pro - If you are undergoing chemotherapy the chance to not suffer its side effects is very minimal. Whether you are male or female, you have more chances to experience at least one of the adverse effects of chemotherapy:
  • http://www.chemotherapy.pro/Chemotherapy-Regimens.html Chemotherapy Regimens - chemotherapy.pro - Chemotherapy regimens are chemotherapeutic agents used in combination; they are represented as symbols or uniform letters. Chemotherapy regimens used by your physician vary depending on the stage of the cancer and the presence of receptors on the surface of tumor cells.
  • http://www.chemotherapy.pro/Chemotherapy-Side-Effects-Dental-Problems.html Chemotherapy Side Effects: Dental Problems - chemotherapy.pro - Some chemotherapy drugs, especially when used with radiotherapy, can cause dry mouth, which can lead had other oral problems: ulceration of the tongue or throat, bad breath, mucositis, fungal infections, altered taste, pain and even tooth loss.
  • http://www.chemotherapy.pro/Chemotherapy-Diet-Cancer-Diet.html Chemotherapy Diet - Cancer Diet - chemotherapy.pro - A healthy and balanced diet can help your body fight against the illness, and thus increase the curative effects of the treatment. In fact, there is no good treatment without good nutrition.

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  • Ceara - This is a great cleanse to do a few times per year

    This is a great cleanse to do a few times per year. I love that it's only 7 days and allows you to eat as normal (obviously you should eat as healthy as possible). Just be warned that you will need to stick close to a bathroom in the morning, haha!

  • John D. Lyman - McAfee the Worst

    I have had McAfee for several years and each year the newer version is worse than the previous. I have had nothing but problems with this system, with numerous hours on the phone trying to get it fixed and no luck. I have written McAfee about this terrible product and have had no response. With all the problems I have had on all three of my computers, I have come to the conclusion that this anti virus system is a virus itself. I without a doubt, WOULD NOT recommend this product!!!! Try Vipre, after I deleted McAfee and installed it, Vipre found over 300 viruses and other items that slowed down my computers. You be the judge.

  • Kimberly Messano - Unsafe Plastic, Don't Believe the BPA-free Claim!!!!

    I thought I was purchasing a safe BPA bottle but the recycling code at the bottle of bottle shows that it is made of a plastic that leaks. It's number 7 and 3 and 6 are also bad, 1, 2, 4, 5 numbers are safe but there's no way of knowing without buying in person. If I could give less than a one star rating for sneakiness I would.

  • Shauna P. - Sizing is off - UPDATE Great Customer Service

    It was an ok shirt. I got a bit excited with seeing the price with tie and handkerchief. I got the size for my husband that he usually wears and it looked like a garbage bag. The back poofed a lot and he said that the sleeves were too long. So maybe their sizing is off. I ordered higher quality shirts in the same size and fit and those he really like and fit perfectly. The material on the shirt felt too heavy for him. I guess too much cotton.