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ClearPores® Acne Solution System & Skin Cleanser - 2016 - Get the finest acne treatment and facial skin care system for 2016: ClearPores® All-natural and doctor approved!

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  • Terry Vanderheiden - Expensive, but works great!

    This product is expensive for shaving cream. However, having a nice close shave every morning is worth it. Also, a very little amount foams up and you are good to go, as this jar will last a long time.

  • Donna Greenmeyer - Its amazing. Incredible

    I have purchased several of Bruce Fifes books off of Amazon. I saw this one and ordered it too. From the reviews I read I started to use it before the book arrived. I have only used it for a little more than a week now.. My teeth are so much whiter and my gums are pinker. I had a problem with two teeth on the bottom that had a slight gap between them that captured food in between them so I have to religiously floss between them to make sure I remove any loose food. My gum became very sensitive there and hurt when I flossed it. But now I have no pain there. Its amazing. Incredible. I am so so happy. Can hardly wait for my next dentist appointment to hear what they have to say. Thank you Bruce Fife.

  • Keith G. Baker - Gischler Does Serial

    I haven't read a serialized book in years. Victor Gischler shows me that they can still be pretty damn cool. As always, Gischler's characters are fresh and fun. If you are a fan of fantasy you'll dig this. I cannot wait for the next installment.

  • C. M. Morgan - I've learned the hard way that sets like these are a waste

    These are just serrated average quality knives. I've learned the hard way that sets like these are a waste. Blades are flimsy and handles are cheap. Can they cut leather an concrete? Yep, but so can cheap serrated blades from Walmart. Cutco knives are useless for slicing and food prep because they're simply saws. Regardless of guarantees, you'll be better off buying new serrated knives over the years. What everyone really needs to get by in a kitchen: 1 high quality chef's knife (victorianox and wustof get great ratings), one paring knife, one bread knife. I have had my wustof chef's knife for 10 years and have never sharpened it. Learn how to use a knife and buy what you'll use, not what someone wants to sell.

  • Christine N. - It gave some good test strategies but I didn't pick up this book ...

    It gave some good test strategies but I didn't pick up this book as much when I was studying for my NCLEX.