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  • Charles F. Kunz - Very good

    The product was as I expected. The programing instructions were helpful. It took longer than I expected to receive the remotes but I wasn't really in a hurry. Thanks much for your help. Charlie Kunz.

  • Brian H. - Great set, decent price.

    It's Topps. I enjoy their cards. This complete set makes collecting easy, since those fun days of card collecting are gone.

  • H. J. Matthews - Only as good as the battery

    This is an outstanding charger. It's not the cheapo wall unit that holds only four batteries. This Energizer Family Charger holds twice as many batteries, and many more types. Even better, it can deliver a different level of charge to different batteries of the same type - so it's OK to charge your new Eneloop AA's along side your exhausted Duracell AA's. And those four fill just half of the charger. In the other half you can charge AAA, C, D, or even 9V batteries at the same time. And because it's a closed-lid device, the batteries are all kept in a single place protected from dust and ready to go at a moment's notice.

  • brains on fire - Jazz/blues version

    this is the long LP version of "in the air tonight" with the jazzy blues feel. Awesome and hard to find!

  • D. Ballard - Worked great until hose BLEW off!

    Used this in my 2003 Silverado and it stopped the leak and stopped the steering shudder when turning to the left while going slowly. I had removed about 12 oz of the old black and smelly fluid before adding the Lucas. So far so good. This was about 2 years ago. This summer noticing that the steering shudder was returning I once again extracted about 12 oz of old oil from the power steering reservoir and refilled with Lucas and all was well again.

  • Andrew - Great for the price

    It took a few minutes to get used to the navigation, especially going between editorial notes and the text of a scripture passage.

  • L. Fenn-stokes - Great book!

    Hayley is returning home to Willow Creek from NYC. She just broke up with her boyfriend and inherited her Gram's house. She went to the grocery store and ran into the man she lost her virginity to and her heart, Luke. Luke has been through hell the last 2-3 years. His sister was raped and murdered and the murderer was killed. Luke went to prison for killing the murderer of his sister, he was innocent. Luke had just returned home a few months before Hayley came back. When Luke saw Hayley in the grocery store he was stunned and he wanted her like he did before she left. Can Luke and Hayley get back together? What will she say about what happened in the past 2-3 years? I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.