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Core Health by Energy Essentials | Dr. Ed Carlson - Discover Core Health and the DTQ (Deeply Thoroughly Quickly) Process to clear energy glitches, traumas and poor decisions. Core Health assists people to re-experience and re-activate their innate healthy core.

  • http://www.corehealth.us/life_applications.html Energy Essentials: Life Applications Series | Dr. Ed Carlson - The Life Applications Series develop abilities for positive, creative and powerful expression in outer daily life. These courses provide tools for expressing your true self authentically and easily.
  • http://www.corehealth.us/our_team.html Energy Essentials: Applications Research Team: PracticalApplication of Core Health - Our Applications Research Team researches the practical application of Core Health to a wide variety of areas, including health, martial arts and healing, criminal justice system, education, business and sports.
  • http://www.corehealth.us/research.html Energy Essentials:Researching Humankind’s Expression of Excellence - Research at Energy Essentials explores with precision and enthusiasm the very core nature of humankind's expression of excellence.
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  • http://www.corehealth.us/sports2.html Core Health for PeakPerformance in Sports - Optimum functioning is created by clarity and freedom on the inside with a free flow of energy. Core Health clears energy blockages and increases performance in golf, tennis, boxing, baseball, football, soccer, and other individual and team sports.
  • http://www.corehealth.us/history_energy_measuring.html History of EnergyMeasuring | Muscle Testing | Applied Kinesiology - Learn how energy measuring emerged in the medical and health-care professions, starting with Dr. George Goodheart and Applied Kinesiology.
  • http://www.corehealth.us/dtq_process.html DTQ Process | Core Health| Dr. Ed Carlson - Developed by Dr. Ed Carlson, the DTQ Process (Deeply Thoroughly Quickly) process completely clears energy distortions and reactivates a person's innate core health.

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  • BronteFan - Good luck when it starts wearing off.

    Yes, it will make your floors shine...for a while. Then it begins to wear off, leaving an ugly white, waxy residue that has to be scraped off. We used this on our floors, and after a while it wore off in streaks. When trying to remove the rest of it, we had to get down on our hands and knees and scrape it off with Brillo pads. If that hadn't worked, we would have had to hire a floor repair company to remove this gunk. This leaves such a think residue that scraping didn't even harm the wood. Get your floors professionally refinished properly. This is a temporary solution that only leads to more aggravation later on.

  • Erin Goelitz - Worth the money

    This stuff works! I noticed an increase in my supply about 3 days after I started using it, but it is well worth the money. Even when I pump after feedings, I am still able to produce another several ounces.

  • NJ Knight - Update Front Wheel vibration fixed - Uppababy sent new wheels

    Uppababy customer service really came through (You actually speak to nice people at their Massachusetts headquarters.) I called them back after seeing other reviews about the vibration, and they didn't need me to send a video anymore. They sent newly designed replacement wheels as soon as they became available, which solved the vibration problem. Very happy now with the stroller. Don't know why they don't do more stringent quality control initially, but oh well. (see below for original review)

  • Blondie675 - This is my favorite thing EVER

    This is my favorite thing EVER! I am always complaining to my husband that my beer gets warm so fast because I do take a while to drink it, but this keeps it ice cold the entire time no matter how slow I am drinking. My bottle fits great in this! It has a rubberized part on top to keep the bottle from moving around in it. Also it and it always keeps my hands from getting cold. I use this thing all the time with beer, water, pop, etc. This gets so much use and is one of the best things I have ever purchased! I would highly recommend it to anyone who doesn't like drinking warm drinks! I did receive this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.