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Correos del Ecuador EP - La Empresa Pública Correos del Ecuador E.P. es una institución renovada, que lleva adelante un  acertado proceso de modernización al servicio de la ciudadanía, mediante la implementación de nuevos servicios, de tecnología y de seguridad. Mediante Decreto Ejecutivo número 324, emitido el 14 de abril de 2010, somos una Empresa Pública con autonomía administrativa y presupuestaria, con una imagen confiable, próspera, productiva, competitiva, ética y de compromiso social que ofrece una amplia gama de servicios y productos postales de alta calidad a precios competitivos, tanto a nivel nacional como internacional

Country:, South America, EC

City: -78.5 Provincia de Pichincha, Ecuador

  • Goldie - Best rack for value

    This bike rack was just as advertised. Holds two bikes securely, although it is heavy to insert into hitch receiver and remove. Best to have some help. Only issue that we encountered was that the large bolt that secures the rack to the hitch receiver was a bit bigger in diameter than the hole we chose to use. Had to have a neighbor make that hole a bit larger to accommodate the bolt. Be careful to use the locking mechanism on the side opposite your auto's exhaust pipe. We are really pleased with this rack and anticipate that the long 1,100 mile trip we are planning to take with these bikes will be a breeze.

  • ShaggysWife - Nice tooth powder

    Dr Song All Natural Charcoal Teeth Whitening and Tooth Gum Powder arrived fast, well pack and fresh. I had never heard of using charcoal powder on your teeth till I seen this. I've been making our toothpaste for a couple years with coconut oil as the base. When I first ordered this I though of putting it in our toothpaste. Once it came and I check it out I quickly changed my mind as that would of been a huge mess. So well use it before using our coconut toothpaste. So far after just a couple uses while not noticing a whitening difference I have noted a reduction in the reddness in a tender area of my gum. Coincidence or not I'll keep using this regularly to hopefully whiten and get my gums healthier.

  • Isabella Valentine - www.IsabellaValentine.com - Relieves moderate pain instantly!

    My husband and I are currently on our 5th or 6th jar of this stuff, and we continue to buy it because it is effective. Penetrex relieves pain fast, the price is affordable, and the value of how much you get in a bottle is very fair and generous.

  • Fran - Hard to work with

    I have had nothing but problems with this blender. It is almost impossible to get the small blender component off, once you have got it on. With the larger component the motor works sporadically at best. This is the second blender I bought from Amazon that died, so I think I am giving up on blenders.

  • TRob - This is my go-to protein product. Has many extras ...

    This is my go-to protein product. Has many extras so you don't have to take 10 different powders. When I'm maintaining, I take one scoop after workouts. If I'm bulking, then I take two scoops.

  • Yondelly - ENORMOUS

    These are a great quality product at a pretty good price. The size of the pills though is absurd! Rainbow Light.. you need to improve this one problem. They are HUGE!! Gagging has taken place many times trying to swallow these enormous horse pills.