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Association Craniopharyngiome solidarité - craniopharyngiome, quel avenir après l'opération ? Ce site regroupe dans un forum les témoignages de personnes opérées d'un craniopharyngiome.Parrains Nicola Sirkis Indochine Paulo Coelho.Symptomes : déficit hormonal,baisse de l'acuité visuelle,polyurie (uriner plus de 10l/jour),polydypsie (boire plus de 8l/jour), troubles du champ visuel,céphalées importantes à répétition,retard de croissance,retard de puberté,vomissements répétés

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  • Kimberly Gravitter - small

    Had to return this backpack. Way too small, much smaller than picture shows. Other than that it was fine. hooo

  • J. Moran - Fantastic

    Liked these shoes so much I bought two pair. I have narrow heels and these don't slide on me at all.

  • Ms. MAN - Do the math

    The book is extremely repetitious and the good vet toots his horn at every opportunity. Just as Dead Doctors don't lie neither does basic math.

  • Vanessa - Nice

    I always used this cream. My soon has 2 years e is was so good for him. I really apreciate this product.

  • myronman - like the size, but rough around the edges

    i like the knife's size. it was definately the dullest knife i've ever bought. i have a old guardian knife i bought years ago, and that sucker takes an edge and holds it. this knife doesnt take an edge the way i would have expected. i've been working on getting a good edge on it. it's not an easy knife to get sharp. i do like the size, the handle, and the blade design. i'd prefer that it wasnt serated at the back, but that's just my preference. the sheath is kinda bleh.

  • determined - Mediocre!

    I was very excited to get started with this after reading some of the reviews. Well, it didn't live up to the hype. It's no better than the other seeds. No where on the description does it state that this huge bag only covers 5000 sf either. I needed to seed a large area in my back yard that was over run with crabgrass, and after using a crabgrass preventer last season left me with no lawn. I also had the same problem in my front lawn. After seeding the back yard with this product, and not having enough to finish the front lawn, I purchased Scotts grass seed Northeast region. After following the directions on each product the Scotts product out performed by 2 to 1. The Scott's seed is coming up greener, thicker and fuller and germinated more quickly. It was also much cheaper than this. In my opinion this was very expensive for what it did (or did not do).