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  • Katie M - Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf come out to play

    OMG! Frankie and Isabella just brought little red and the big bad wolf to life in a very steamy way! This book kept me guessing until almost the very end. Usually I can guess where the plot is going to end up, or have a pretty close estimate, but with this book I went back and forth several times on who I was suspecting. This book definitely had some dark plot points that may not be for everyone, but if you're into darker, more gritty reading you should probably check this one out.


    I bought this oil to replace the previous tea tree oil I used to treat my dandruff. I thought it sounded like a good idea, since I have sensitive skin and it has aloe vera in it but I was WRONG. My scalp became incredibly itchy and flaky, and this has persisted for a week so far no matter what I try to fix it. At first I thought that I was just having a reaction due to my sensitive skin, but then I looked up some of the ingredients. It turns out that eucalyptus oil (which is in this) shouldn't go on your skin at all, even if it's not sensitive! Don't buy this product--the chances of you having a reaction like mine are way too high.

  • K. Guidry - Getting ready for Medical School?

    If you are preparing to go to medical school, this book is your one-stop-shop guide to it all. You may investigate all of the pertinent stats that will help you make a wise choice in the schools that are best suited for you. High School students, College students and career shifters (such as I) should invest in this book before taking another chemistry class. The MSAR will get you focused and on track to med school.

  • Tenn Tech - Nice transaction checkbook registers

    I bought this 5 pack of registers so that it will last me a few years before I have to order more registers. I found that it looks like any other register that I have owned, nothing special. I do recommend these to anyone who has a checking or savings account. Yes, I would buy more of these in the future.

  • Josue - great bag for almost all gear

    A nice and sturdy bag, holds almost all of my gear including: pants, jersey, marker, loader, 68 tank, elbow pads, knee pads, ect... except for my pod pack and pods but still makes a great bag.

  • ndan151 - Exactly what I needed.

    Exactly what I needed. A comprehensive, no nonsense, step by step guide that is easy to follow even for non-accountants. Thank you!