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Currae Hospitals | Experience Hassle Free Healthcare - With Economical & Transparent Billing, Experienced Doctors & Best Infrastructure, Currae Hospital is the fastest growing preferred Healthcare destination in India. Currae Hospitals are a part of Patni Enterprises.

  • https://www.currae.com/gynaec-ivf-birthing Currae Gynaec | IVF | Birthing | Women Treatments & Surgeries - Currae Hospitals is a top leading Health Centre in India providing solutions for gynecological issues, treatment for infertility (IVF) and birthing centers
  • https://www.currae.com/specialty Best Multispecialty Hospitals India | 70+ Treatments & Surgeries - We offer more than 80 surgeries across department managed by India's most successful & well-known specialty surgeons. Multi Specialty Hospital Mumbai, Thane
  • https://www.currae.com/eyecare Top Eye Care Hospital India | 20+ Eye Surgeries and Services - Currae has expert eye doctors & surgeons for transplants, laser surgery & lenses for children and adults. Eyecare Hospitals in Mumbai, Kolkata, Thane, India
  • https://www.currae.com/site-experience/ Site Experience | Currae Hospitals - Our website provides the best experience site visitors can have is to find what it is they're looking for healthcare services.
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