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  • Bruce - I bought a 40' Seiki TV last year at a BrandsMart Black Friday Special and like it so far

    I am a owner of a 40" TV since November of 2012 when my 14 year old Toshiba TV bit the dust so it just so happened it was around Thanksgiving of 2012, so I started to look for new TV's. But I didn't have much money since I had only gone back to work earlier in that year. I got every Black Friday ad, including Walmart's, Best Buy and Brandsmart. Amazon didn't really have anything in my price range (which was under $200) but both Best Buy and Brandsmart had two different TV's that we in that price range.

  • justin nemia - THIS OIL SAVED MY LIFE! product is wounderful but i do not trust amazon when it comes to YL oils.

    A few years back I began having EXTREAM panic attacks and anxiety that caused some real issues. I didn't want to go out or do anything because I was afraid that any time those feels would come back. I started taking all sorts of pharmaceutical meds that seemed to help a little but had MANY down sides. A friend of my mother suggested that I try YL oils for my anxiety so we ordered a few oils and gave it a shot. WOW the first time i used this oil i was blown away, Simple put this oil is amazing for calming me down and just bringing me to a place where i feel safe and comforted. There really are no words to explain how great this oil and other YL oils are. The oils may be expensive but the results are just out of this world this product helped me get my life back on tract, in a natural way and i am forever grateful for YL. I would buy direct from Young living because god knows how a person could tamper with the product.