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David B. Rosenfeld MD - Thousand Oaks Proctologist - Painless Hemorrhoid Surgery without Cutting - Dr. Rosenfeld offers excellent care in the field of proctology, colorectal surgery, colonoscopy, and Doppler Guided Hemorrhoid Artery Ligation (DGHAL).

  • http://www.davidrosenfeldmd.com/meet-the-doctor/ Meet The Doctor - Dr. Rosenfeld is an expert in diagnostic colonoscopy, surgical colonoscopy, hemorrhoid therapy, hemorrhoid surgery, benign and malignant anal diseases, pilonidal cyst disease, and rectal prolapse (in elderly).
  • http://www.davidrosenfeldmd.com/more/media/ Media - David Rosenfeld MD - Thousand Oak Proctologist - Videos concerning colo-rectal health; including hemorrhoids, colonoscopy and clips with Dr. Rosenfeld appearing on TV's "The Doctors".
  • http://www.davidrosenfeldmd.com/hemorrhoids/ New Painless Hemorrhoid Surgery without Cutting! - The only doctor in Southern California performing Doppler Guided Hemorrhoid Artery Ligation (DGHAL) for hemorrhoids. Painless, with no cutting!
  • http://www.davidrosenfeldmd.com/colonscopy/ Colonoscopies Save Lives - Dr. Rosenfeld performs outpatient colonscopies so patients can go home the same day.
  • http://www.davidrosenfeldmd.com/patient-testimonials/ Patient Testimonials - David Rosenfeld MD - Thousand Oak Proctologist - Dr. Rosenfeld's patients share their stories of colo-rectal care. Dr. Rosenfeld offers up-to-date medical treatment with a 1950′s bedside manner.
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  • http://www.davidrosenfeldmd.com/more/dietary-fiber-for-colon-health/ Dietary Fiber for Colon Health - Fiber is the non-digestible portion of plants which gives plants their strength.
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  • Tim Berry - How to install - easier than others have described

    Great trampoline once you get it set-up. It took my and one other adult 1 1/2 hours, which is less than some of the things I read in other reviews. Having a cordless drill will cut-off at least 15-20 minutes. The instructions worked perfectly, although the diagrams were not as helpful. I had been really concerned about setting up based on other reviews, but it is not bad at all. Here are tips that should help you avoid problems:

  • Amie Gossage - Longer and thicker

    I have pretty nice lashes but I thought figured why not. It stung some when I applied but my eyes are sensitive. My lashes seem a little thicker and I have only been using just over a week. I can't wait to see what the final result is.

  • Amazon Customer - Perfect

    This is pretty much what you would expect, the key card to 2013 Office. The product arrived on time and worked great. I had no issues with the product at all.

  • April C. - I am seeing results

    I have been using ThreeLac on a monthly rotation with another probiotic and I am definitely seeing and feeling results. The shooting pains in my breasts have subsided (I'm a nursing mother). My thrush on my tongue has been gone for a couple of weeks, heartburn has stopped. My brain isn't foggy anymore. I did up the dosage to two packets a day and had to stop for a whole day altogether because it gave me bad intestinal cramping. Went back to one a day and doing well again. I have systemic yeast and was getting desperate. After being on this and Culturelle for 4+ months now I realize I've probably had systemic yeast for years. I also think the threelac is working better than the Culturelle.

  • Kasia W - Works fine, but...

    Not being a baking expert, this pan works like it seems it should concerning how the baked goods turn out. However, it makes this AWFUL CLANK at some critical point when heating AND when cooling -- I think due to the bending/warping of the pan from the temperature change. It scared the @#$% out of me the first time I used it because I thought something terrible must have just happened in my oven. Good thing though, is that the noise is fairly brief, and seems to happen only once each time in the heating and cooling process.