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Deerfield | Deerfield Management - DeerfieldAdvancing healthcare through investment,information and philanthropy.Our approaches to capital funding are uniquely flexible to give companies the leverage they need to advance their business goals and set new standards for the healthcare industry.

  • https://www.deerfield.com/Foundation.aspx Deerfield | Deerfield Foundation - The Deerfield Foundation is the real-world reflection of our desire to help others on a local and a global scale.
  • https://www.deerfield.com/ContactUs.aspx Deerfeld | Deerfield Management Contact Us - At Deerfield, we owe our success to our team-oriented process, which brings together many decades of experience, across all sub-sectors of healthcare, to deliver our clients with the best funding solutions possible.We are a non-activist, relationship-focused firm who is proud to help the companies we invest in, because we see their potential to advance healthcare and drive change in this crucial industry.

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  • RealityReader - Self-centered philosopy with Multi Level Marketing (MLM) connections

    In LH everything you do is about you and being happy, which they try to define deeply but fail, because being self focused is an inherently shallow existence. There is a cognitive dissonance between their “do-gooder” articles and their “success” articles - the concern for others comes off as insincere with so much me, me, me going on. The main reason they give for helping others is because helping others makes you happy. It is a means to an end and ultimately for your own benefit – part of your success. (As opposed to helping others as an act of loving them and an acknowledgement of your own humility and limitations.) There is also a lot of emphasis on changing others and making them happy too - a feat not consistent with reality. (You see this mindset a lot in the MLM world – our company gives to charity so we must be good. Speak not of the thousands of failures and wrecked people we leave in our wake – they just didn’t do it right.)

  • Kayla Sheehan - best protein bar my husband has tried.

    I'm not a protein bar eater, but my husband is. He's told me repeatedly, that most protein bars are gross. I had him try these and he said they are really good! I ate one, because he kept telling me to try them, and i agree. Chewy with a light cinnamon roll flavor.

  • Christina C. - NOT for every car and can be a potential hazard

    I had just gotten a loaner while my car was in the shop and left my backseat mirror. "Fortunately" I had just ordered and gotten this one. It did not come with any instructions or pictures (except the one on the box) but I can see why you probably wouldn't need directions...or so I thought. I mean how hard is it to attach a mirror with two straps to a headrest?!

  • Candy Dawn - Great product that really works!

    These work so much better than the new larger ones! I am allergic to latex and the newer ones claim to stick better but that's because they must have more latex in them. Local stores have stopped carrying these in favor of the higher priced ones but these are the best!

  • karen denner - I was very disappointed. They give you 'guidelines' that you should meet ...

    I'm sure this product works well for some people, but as much as I wanted it to, it did not work for me. I bought this in hopes that it would give me some freedom back after I broke my foot, but after the frustration of putting it together, only to find out that it would not fit my leg, I was very disappointed. They give you 'guidelines' that you should meet in order to be able to use this. I met all of the 'guidelines' with no problem, but my legs are a little large at the top, & the straps would not comfortably fit & therefore it was not secure. Luckily I bought this through Amazon Prime, So returning it was no issue.