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Osoyoos, BC - The Official Osoyoos Tourism Website. Discover our country's warmest lake and hottest, driest desert climate amid a valley of stunning beauty. Framed by desert hills, lakes, vineyards and orchards, it's the ultimate desert destination.

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  • Debbie-Dew - a must have for those who love their defuser.

    I ordered these to use in my new oil defuser. When it arrived they were packaged very nicely and in a well secure box. The fragrance of each are just awesome. About the Product

  • Linda Hayes - cool

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  • A Reviewer - Good Value

    This product is a good value compared to TurboTax. The cost difference is substantial enough where I don't know why anyone would buy TurboTax. That said, TurboTax does have a more refined feel and seems to allow for easier, more understandable navigation. In the end, they both do my taxes the same and TaxCut is cheaper.

  • momx2 - Can't live without it

    This product has literally changed my life. I know that sounds crazy, but it has. It has no calming effect on me, does not put me to sleep (which I would love for it to do), but it has been extremely helpful with intestinal issues. I had struggled for years with those issues, but once this was recommended to me and I tried it, everything changed. I make sure to NEVER run out of this, it's that helpful. It's one of those things that I would run out to the natural foods store late at night to buy if I had to.

  • J. Lietz - May increase paranoia

    Weapons of Math Destruction by Cathy O'Neil puts advanced mathematics and social analysis together to show how big data runs much of the world. It explores the connections between consumer marketing and politics, housing units and credit reports and many other topics that most people do not think about but that lurk behind the scenes.

  • Kitty Sommerville - Oil Pulling Scientific Evidence Here:

    I am a Dental Hygienist researching and writing a paper on oil pulling and found many studies to back its validity. Oil pulling is a tool to help remove bacteria from the oral cavity. Tooth brushing is also a tool that removes bacterial biofilm from the oral cavity. I believe that anything that is useful in removing bacterial biofilm should be welcomed positively by the dental community. Bacterial biofilm is the cause of so many negative dental conditions such as caries (cavities) and halitosis. The mouth is the window to your health and theoretically oil pulling could have positive effects to one's general health status. It's simple... Remove bacteria....Remove problems associated with bacteria. I've included links below to scientifically bound studies relating to the effectiveness of oil pulling: